How to Find Out What My Taxonomy Number Is?

By Paul Dohrman

As of 2001, maintenance of the Health Care Provider Taxonomy code set falls under the responsibility of the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) Data Subcommittee. As a health care provider, you will need to know your taxonomy number for filling out insurance forms and the like. For example, billings to Medicare may be rejected and returned without this information.

  1. Visit the Washington Publishing Company (WPC) website (see Resources). Primary distribution of the taxonomy code list is the responsibility of WPC through its website.

  2. Find your specialty or sub-specialty in the list. Use your web browser’s Find feature (usually in the Edit drop-down menu) to speed up the search. An alternative is to search a downloadable format (see Resources section).

  3. Click on the corresponding “definition” link to make sure the description fits you. Note that though the definition’s source may be some credentialing board, you do not have to be credentialed by that body in order to select that code, unless the certification requirement is explicitly stated in the definition.

Tips and Warnings

  • Note that the taxonomy codes are self-selected by you, the provider.
  • The code list is occasionally revised. WPC posted version 9.1 on July 11, 2009.

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