Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tips

Plan a dream outdoor wedding with these great tips.

Your wedding day is the one day you have dreamed of your whole entire life.You want it to be perfect.You want it to go smoothly. You want it outdoors. Outdoor weddings come with a lot of issues, but if you do some simple planning you can avoid major problems.There are five tips to follow when planning an outdoor wedding that can make everything perfect and run smoothly, just as you dreamed.

Tip #1: Things to consider when choosing your site.

When you are choosing your site you need to consider some important things.Are you going to hold it in a family owned spot, public or privately owned spot? Check out the area available for parking.Look at the exact area you plan on having the ceremony.Check for wet ground. Look out for animals that may call this home and not be too happy having there space invaded.Look for uneven ground or holes in the ground.Assess exactly what problems could come up and how to fix them.It is important that the spot is practical just not beautiful.

Tip #2: Check the rules for the place you have chosen.

Even if the wedding will be in your parents backyard you still need to do some research into laws.For backyard weddings you need to check into laws regarding noise, parking and general rules on the gathering of crowds.You need to speak to the owner of the venue when using a place not owned by you or family.Check rules on smoking, drinking, noise, crowds and parking.You may need to secure permits for certain things.To avoid a wedding day arrest check into everything before the big day comes.

Tip #3: Remember your guests.

Keep in mind that one of your responsibilities is to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.Some people may not have attended an outdoor wedding before and do not know how different it is from an indoor wedding.For out-of-town guests you should send them the weather report for the wedding day.This will help them choose appropriate clothing.If you are in an area where the ground may be soft, let guests know so they avoid high heeled shoes that may stick in the ground.Keep in mind that sitting in the glaring sun or in a sharp wind may not be ideal for your guests.Consider guests that may bring children and warn them of anything that could possibly be harmful, such as water close to the site.

Tip #4: Always keep the weather in mind.

This may seem a no-brainer, but in the chaos of wedding planning it can be easy to overlook some obvious wedding issues.Take a moment to consider the normal weather patterns for where you live.Do not plan your wedding for a rainy season or during the possibility for major snow fall or freeing temperatures.Always be prepared for possible surprise weather -have a backup plan.A tent is a must for the outdoor wedding.It is nice to shade guests from the sun and if a rain storm pops up it will be greatly appreciated.

Tip #5:Use nature to your advantage.

When you choose your location take a look around and see what nature has put there for you to use.Is there a natural arch made of tree branches or a beautiful pond to use as a backdrop?Visit the site at the time you plan to have your wedding, so you can get an idea exactly what the area will look like.Use the sun to your advantage -look for a good view of the sunset and use it as the backdrop.You can save some money if you use nature as your decor.

These five tips should help you to get started in your outdoor wedding planning.Even if you are hiring a professional to plan your wedding you should still check these five points with whoever is handling the arrangements.The best advice about an outdoor wedding is be prepared for anything.Weather is unpredictable sometimes, so really plan well for possible surprises.Your wedding day can be the day you've always dreamed of and be outside.

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