Over-The-Counter Snoring Aids Reviews

If you suffer from snoring, check out some of the over-the-counter remedies and products reviewed here.

Snoring is a very common problem. It is more frequent in males than in females, and it is also common for overweight people to have a snoring problem. Snoring is caused by an obstruction in your airway. Sleep apnea is also caused by an obstruction in your airway and can be life threatening if not treated. Breathing can literally stop for greater than 10 - 30 seconds and this can happen hundreds of times in one night. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition and various health risks are associated with this condition. You need to consult a physician to be sure you do not have sleep apnea before trying other anti-snoring remedies or devices.

NOZOVENT is a product that claims it can be used as an accessory for people who have trouble breathing with their nose. It allows for an increase in the opening of the nasal passages, therefore allowing easier breathing. A doctor developed this device in 1990.

Chin-up straps are U-shaped strips. This product claims to provide external support

to keep your lower lip and chin in the UP position during sleep. These are an adhesive, single-use product, and there is a quantity of 30 in each box. These strips are also available in a boomerang shape, which is easier to adjust and remove.

BreatheRight strips are a product that claims to gently lift and open nasal passages so that you don't have to breathe through your mouth. These strips come in two sizes: small, medium and large size. When properly placed across the nose, these strips attempt to straighten, gently lifting the sides of the nose. This product claims to give instant relief to those who snore.

Ayr Snore Relieving Throat Spray is a product that claims to be effective up to eight hours. It tones and lubricates the throat with a blend of natural and essential oils.

Snore-No-More Anti Snoring Pillow is a product which claims to support and position the head and neck to improve alignment no matter what sleeping position you choose.

The Original Silent Night Shirt is apparel designed to train snorers to sleep on their side. It may take two to three weeks for this training. There is a positional tube located in the center of the back of the T-shirt. This tube can be removed to wear the shirt in a normal fashion.

SleepWizard is a product that claims to help retrain the skin and tissue in your mouth and throat, so that they return to the size and shape they once were. Sleep Wizard is a one-size-fits-all lightweight adjustable support that helps keep your mouth closed while you are sleeping.

Snore Rx is a product that claims to be 100 percent natural. It claims to provide an all-natural herbal remedy for snoring. This particular formulation is supposed to work gently together (herbs and enzymes) to relieve snoring.

Snoremate is a device that is worn in the mouth and is supposed to help eliminate snoring. It does this by allowing the airway to increase in diameter which reduces the velocity of the air going into the lungs, thereby reducing the level of vibrations in the throat tissue.

The Snore Relief ZD-100 is a device worn in the nose and is made of standard iatrical silica gel. There are educing channels on each side of the ZD-100 to facilitate the passage of air through the nasal passage. This product claims to provide gentle therapy to nasal tissue. It also claims that when this device is placed on the septum, it will apply a small amount of pressure which, in turn, will stimulate nerves and increase blood circulation. It does this because of the powerful, magnetic chips which are incorporated into this device.

Snore Stopper is a device worn on your wrist. It looks very much like a wristwatch. This product claims to train the snorer to stop snoring. This device has a very small, but very sensitive microphone enclosed which supposedly detects snoring. When this happens, it sends safe, electronic pulses to the wrist area. The product claims that the pulses aren't powerful enough to disrupt your sleep or wake you, but the pulse will remind you to reposition yourself so that you won't snore.

These are just some of the hundreds of remedies and devices which are on the market for those who snore. Studies continue on the effectiveness of over-the-counter medications for snoring. Again, sleep apnea is a serious medical condition which requires treatment. If you do not have sleep apnea, but you do snore, you may like to try one of the many available remedies. Your body as well as your spouse will thank you!

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