Overview Of Basic Handwriting Analysis

Ever heard of graphology? It is the study of handwriting. Here are some basic handwriting analyses that may determine a person's character and personality.

There are some people who believe that a person's handwriting is a window into their soul and personality. The way the handwriting slants to the left or right, the way the letters are looped, the way the t's and i's are crossed and dotted all mean something in the world of handwriting analysis. Some criminal investigations actually use graphology, or handwriting analysis to determine the behavior or personality of a suspect. As children, we are taught a standard handwriting style, but as we grow older, our style starts to shift, which makes handwriting analysis so interesting. The best way to analyze one's handwriting is to have the subject write a paragraph using a pen on paper that is not lined. The subject should then write out his signature and date the document. Here is a basic overview of some common handwriting interpretations.

The size of the handwriting says a lot about the subject. In general, the size determines how the subject feels about opening themselves up to the world. Are they introverted or extroverted? The larger the handwriting, the larger the personality, in most cases. A person with handwriting that is larger than the typical handwriting yearns to be noticed. Somebody with large or handwriting may be a little self-centered and be overly ambitious. They are driven by action and recognition. Somebody with average sized writing is usually pretty balanced. Small handwriting indicates a person who is a little more introverted and private.

The slant of the handwriting reveals how one interacts with others on a day to day basis. If a person writes with little to no slant, that person is more than likely completely practical. They think with their head and apply logic to almost every situation. These people rarely let their emotions get the best of them. When somebody writes with a right slant, this indicates they are a little more extroverted. They love interacting with others and friends and acquaintances will often describe these people as friendly and outgoing. People that write with a left slant, as you may suspect, are the complete opposite. These people love to sit back and observe life as it unfolds around them. They might be a little more reserved and their moods may change unpredictably.

Pressure that is applied to the handwriting is also a great indicator of personality. The pressure with which a person writes indicates a person's overall determination. If they write with a very light pressure, they are usually not very ambitious. These people are often considered to be followers, since they do not have much willpower. Light pressure can also indicate a sign of poor health. It has been said that many criminals write with light pressure. Those who write with moderate pressure are able to handle stress well and will usually follow a project all the way through. Somebody who writes with heavy pressure is usually extremely ambitious and has a lot of determination when it comes to meeting and exceeding challenges. The consistency of the pressure is also a key factor in analyses. If a person writes with an inconsistent pressure throughout a writing sample, this could indicate a number of character traits, including doubt and anger.

These traits and analyses are just a tip of the iceberg. Other handwriting traits include baseline, word spacing and letter spacing, to name a few. Handwriting analysis takes years of study to perfect, and even then, it is not a perfect science.

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