Do Your Own Crystal Growing Experiment At Home

Here is a simple crystal growing experiment you can do at home. All you need to know is right here!

If your child has an inquiring mind then chances are he will be pestering you for things to do in the holidays.

Here is a simple little science experiment that any child will be able to do at home, using ingredients you would normally have in the kitchen.

All that you will need is some form of granule substance, some boiling water and a twig or a piece of string. For the granulated substance, common ones to use are common salt, sugar, Epsom salts, or copper sulphate.

The method is easy. Simply put about a teaspoon of your granules into about a quarter of a cup of boiling water, and stir until the granules have dissolved. Lodge a piece of string or a twig in the container and let it sit. Go back to your solution every day and give it a gentle stir around. This stops all your chemical sediment developing a sludge at the bottom of your container. Be careful not to use too much water or this experiment will not work.

Crystals will start to form around the item you have placed in the container, you should start to see results after three days to three weeks. Epsom Salts make the fastest crystals, with very visible results showing after just three days. In fact, if you leave the Epsom Salts for the three weeks you will have formed a very smooth rock.

Salt takes three days to start to develop, and can keep growing for about a week. Sugar takes the longest to show results, and may not be the best of item to use with impatient children. However the crystals grown are beautiful to see, they just take a couple of weeks to develop and can be left for up to three weeks in their container as long as they are stirred daily.

Copper Sulphate will make lovely blue crystals, but if you would rather use salt or sugar, you can add any food colouring to the initial boiled water mix, and your crystals will grow in that colour. Try reds, blues, greens and yellows, in different containers, for an impressive result on your shelf.

After a week (or three for sugar) your crystals can be taken out of the solution and be displayed on a plate or in a small case. This prevents them from being damaged or knocked about. If you have grown them on string, they can be hung individually at the window, or made into a lovely coloured mobile using a wire coat hanger or similar.

With the vast range of food colourings available in supermarkets, this simple idea can become a fascinating way for your children to make colourful decorations for their home or festive season. Apart from the supervision required when they are using the boiled water, it is something they can do for themselves, and gain a great deal of pleasure out of watching something grow from apparently nothing.

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