Pagan Parenting: Beltane Crafts And Activities For Children

Looking for some great Beltane crafts and activities for your kids this season? Liven up May Day with some of these ideas.


One of the most prevalent and most fun aspects of this sabbat is the romp around the may pole. If you don't have a place to erect a may pole on your property, try using a tree in a park or wooded area. Another option is using a pole that has been sunk into a bucket of cement, which was allowed to harden around it. That will give you a portable may pole that you can use year after year.

Each participant should have their own ribbon. With one end tied to the pole or tree, there should be enough ribbon left so that the participant can hold the other end while standing 4 to 6 yards away from the pole. Participants should face in alternate directions. This means that every-other person will be facing right and holding the ribbon in the left hand, and the alternate people will be facing left, holding the ribbon in the right hand.

Start the music (taped, drumming, chanting- whatever you prefer or is available), and everyone begins to move in the direction they are facing. The people going left (clockwise) should hold their ribbons up first, allowing the person going right who is approaching them (counter-clockwise) to go beneath it. After going under one ribbon, the people going right should move out and hold up their ribbon, allowing the person approaching them to go beneath it. Everyone should be going in a pattern so that they are going under, then over, then under, then over each person they pass. Don't worry if you make a mistake or bump into each other. Just laugh it off and keep going. Weave in and out this way until your ribbon is so tightly wound around the pole you can go no more, then tie the ribbon off.


Beltane celebrates the union of the Goddess and the God. Celebrate their symbolic marriage by making small gifts for them. One good choice is to make a floral garland. Gather wild flowers or purchase a couple of bouquets of flowers (daisies are my personal favorite to work with). Take a pin and, at the point where the stem meets the bud, make a small slit. Slide the stem of another flower into the slit. Then, make a slit on that flower, and slide another in. Continue this until you have a long train of flowers.

Herbal sachets also make wonderful gifts that are easy for children to make. Take a small square or round piece of light fabric, and put some dried herbs in the center. Gather up the edges and tie it closed with a ribbon.

Making gifts that are edible for the forest creatures is another nice option. Spread peanut butter on pine cones and roll them in bird seed, or string popcorn on thread.

Take your floral garland, herbal sachets and edible decorations and hang them on a tree as a gift to the God and Goddess.


Behind the symbolic union of Goddess and God is the lesson that when two things come together, they form a new whole. This can be seen throughout all of the land as Earth and Sun meet to bring forth the blossoming new life. Hence, Beltane is a great time for weaving.

You don't need to have an elaborate loom to weave. Get some wheat stalks at the craft store and braid them together, then tie them in a circle to form a wreath. Weave colorful ribbons together and hang them like crepe paper or garland around your home or property. If anyone in the family has long hair, braid it for the day.

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