Pagan Parenting: Spring Equinox Craft And Activities For Children

Looking for some great Spring Equinox crafts and activities for your kids this season? Liven up the ostara sabbat with some of these ideas.


One prime symbol of the Spring Equinox is the seed, which holds the very essence of life within their tiny shells. Seeds, which come in many colors, sizes and shapes, can make beautiful craft collages. They can be used the same way as glitter can be in art. All you need is a large assortment of seeds (which can be purchased in bulk from gardening supply outlets), some white craft glue, and poster board or cardboard. Lighter paper doesn't work as well, as it will rarely hold up under the weight of the seeds and glue.

The child may want to begin by sketching out a design on the card board, or may wish to wing it, free-style. Either method is fine. Have the child spread some craft glue with a pop stick in whatever shape they wish to achieve, then sprinkle a heavy layer of seeds on the glue. Tilt the cardboard and gently shake off excess. Spread more glue on another section, then sprinkle more seeds. Do this until the picture is complete, then set it aside to dry.


If you have a garden, or even if you simply grow herbs in a window box, this is a prime season to bless all of your seeds and gardening supplies. Gather them all up together for the ritual and say a prayer to Ostara, the Goddess of Spring, or your own patron Goddess, asking for blessings on the seeds so that they will grow, flourish and thrive.


The Easter tradition of dying eggs comes from a much older Pagan tradition of decorating eggs. Eggs are fertility symbols that have been long associated with the equinox. Don't wait until April to make these beautiful, delicious treats- plan your egg coloring to coincide with the Spring Equinox.

One of the most interesting egg coloring methods is known as "pysanky," the Ukranian art of egg coloring. The technique utilizes a small, wax-filled tool that is heated on a candle as you work. The tool can often be obtained in craft stores at spring time. You scratch the wax onto certain areas of the egg, then dye it with the lightest color. Scratch more wax designs, and dye it another color, with a darker or brighter hue. Continue doing this as often as you like. When you are finished, Warm the wax on the egg and wipe it off. All the colors you used that were sealed under the wax are revealed for a bold and beautiful dye job.


Collect some fresh spring rain water in a bowl. Ask the God and Goddess for blessings upon the water. Dip a flower or leafy branch into the water and use it as an aspergil (a Catholic tool used for sprinkling holy water). Sprinkle your land, your home, and even each other with the water for Spring blessings and purification.


The Spring equinox is supposedly the only time one can balance an egg on it's rounded end so that it will stand up straight. In fact, this task can be performed any time during the year. It is difficult to do, even on the Spring equinox, but is a fun and challenging activity for the whole family and makes a good demonstration of balance- which is what the day is all about.

It is said that the task is easiest nearest the precise moment of the equinox, which can be checked annually in the Farmer's Almanac or in news papers. Make sure you find a place outdoors that is level, or it will never work. Give everyone an egg to work with and see if anyone can achieve this remarkable feat.

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