How To Paint A Mural

Learn how to paint a mural! Some simple and concise directions that will lead any beginning painter through some easy steps toward painting a mural!

Here are some easy steps to follow in order to have a wonderful mural in your home! A mural will personalize your home or room and will leave a lasting impression on guests and family. You can involve your friends or loved-ones in the production of the mural, furthering an intimate piece of art that reflects your individuality!

Suggested places for a mural: your child's room, the bathroom, a hallway, the kitchen, the game room.

Suggested images: landscape, psychedelic flowers, fairies, castle, butterflies, fruit, cartoon characters, ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN DRAW! Start with something simple.

Supplies that you will need:

1. a fairly smooth wall on which to paint, with a flat finish (glossy won't work)

2. pencils

3. stencils (if you are timid about drawing freehand)

4. brightly-colored acrylic craft or flat house paints

5. BIG drop cloth

6. a variety of paint brush sizes (very small for detail to 4 inch for painting large surfaces

7. containers to hold rinse-water for brushes

Note: It is much easier to paint on a light-colored surface. If the wall you choose is a dark color (navy, dark green, etc.) paint it white or some other light color before you begin the project.

Steps to creating your mural:

1. Clear the area surrounding the mural wall of all furniture, toys, etc.

2. Lay down the drop cloth, making sure to protect all carpeted area.

3. Use your pencil to draw the image directly onto the wall, stepping back several feet periodically to make sure the proportions of your images are correct. Don't forget to DRAW BIG SHAPES!!!

4. Fill in the shapes with the colors of your choice, starting with the background images and layering the foreground images on top.

5. Outline the foreground images with darker colors in order to emphasize edges.

6. Step back as far as you can and look for obvious errors.

7. Correct the errors using light colored paint and then re-draw and re-paint.

8. Step back again and view the final image.

9. When completely dry to the touch, clean up the area and return furniture, etc. the proper place.

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