What Are Paint Primers?

What are paint primers? Primers are bonding agents that help the paint stick to the surface of an object. They also give an even and balanced look to your work. Let's say you are doing a freshly textured...

Let's say you are doing a freshly textured wall and it has never been painted before, then what you need to do is put Poly Vinyl Acrylic on top of it. They are called PVA's and those are basic primers. What they do is they are bonding agents for the real paint that goes on top. You won't get any dry spots. You have an even textured look. You put the Poly Vinyl Acrylic on top. It is not very expensive. There is cheap PVA and expensive PVA. It's fine to buy the cheap one, you just might have to give it two coats, but it will still work. If the extra time is not worth it, then buy the expensive one.

Let's say you are doing a medium-to-dark finish on the wall, you will want to add some kind of color to the PVA. You can only tint PVA's to a certain depth or degree, because they do not have a lot of color pigment in them. But you can darken them, that way you do not have to give as many top coats of paint. To get a medium dark finish, it takes two coats. A dark shade probably takes three coats. When you cut in at the ceiling line, if your ceiling is white and the walls are going to be dark in color, then, a lot of the times where you have to brush in the ceiling lines, it will take one more coat than it will on the walls. The brush tends to leave streaks. You need to cut it in, and when you cut it in you need to feather it out. That way you won't have a line at the top.

The primer will dry up fairly quickly, probably about 30 minutes to an hour at the most. If you have got good ventilation and you are in an air-conditioned room, it will take the moisture out of the air and dry quicker. So, it is very feasible to do two to three coats in one day in a room.

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