Painting Glassware

Painting on glassware is a craft that artisans from all skill levels can enjoy and are a great way to recycle glass to create decorative and useful artistic creations.

Painting on glassware has been a popular craft for many generations. Artisans from all skill levels can enjoy embellishing a wide variety of objects to compliment homes decorated in any style from art deco glass and plates to Mediterranean styled pasta jars or wine bottles. You imagination is truly your only limit to your creativity.

Choose glassware that has an interesting shape and that is free from cracks, chips or breaks. This is a good way to recycle glass from thrift stores or garage sales to re-create useable or decorative objects. There are many books available to help you choose an appropriate template of pattern to paint and there are also many types of paint you can use in re-creating these patterns.


These type of paints are the safest for children to use and do not require baking. They are best for objects that will be displayed and not require washing. After painting on a decorative item spray it with several light coats of polyurethane to protect the piece for scratches and make it easy to clean and dust.


This paint gives objects a three dimensional color and is packaged in its own tube applicator. Gel Paint can also work as an adhesive for use of other embellishments like crafting marbles, beads or jewels.

Try painting on a glass picture by making cut sponges in squares and circles to create a mosaic design. Set off each individual shape with little raised dots created from the tube applicator. Pewter outliner gives it a faceted effect.


Solvent paints are transparent and dry quickly. A Creative way to use paint on glass with solvent based paints would be to create a glass picture frame. Use a basic design and begin by outlining it in black. Fill in the decoration with solid jewel tones of paint to create a stunning stained glass look. Follow manufacturer's directions carefully when using this paint. It is flammable and needs good ventilation.


A water based paint that can be baked making it safe to be used around food. It is perfect for tableware and can even be used in the dishwasher. This is a fun paint to use on textured or embossed glassware. The embossed pattern is simple to follow. If you have raised pattern on your tableware that does not match in style, you can create a matching set by painting them all in the same color theme.


Etched art and frosted glass can be achieved using a opaque white porcelain 150 paint or can be achieved with etching cream. It is easiest to apply this cream with a stencil but you can free form a pattern as well.

This painting technique is a beautiful way to create a privacy panel on a glass entrance door. I chose to use the cream to monogram a friends last name initial on glasses for a gift. Wouldn't monogrammed champagne glasses be a fun wedding gift!

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