Painting Glassware

Painting glassware! A creative idea on what to do with your extra glasses and mugs in your kitchen cabinets, they can make wonderful gifts or decorations.

Have you opened up your kitchen cabinets and said, "How did I ever accumulate so much glassware?" Although the glasses and mugs may be nice, you really only need so many to drink from; if you have moved at least once then you know you have entirely too much glassware. But the dilemma comes in when you try to justify why you still hold on to all of it. The answer usually is "there's nothing wrong with it and it's barely been used."

Take a few minutes and pull out your favorite mugs and glasses then look to see what's left. Take everything that's left and pull out all of the plain (no designs) glasses and mugs. And let your imagination run wild, start thinking gifts for the holidays, decorations for new homes and apartments, or starting your own craft stand"¦

Begin by going to any craft store and looking for ideas. Try to go to a discount craft store or a bigger well-known name store, to ensure a bigger selection of paints. Don't be overwhelmed, because there are tons of different choices out there. Read the instructions to find the paint that best suits your needs and degree of difficulty.

There are paints to give a stained glass effect, opaque paints, solid paint, paints to create texture, paints to bake on in the oven, etc. We will start with a basic paint, brush and glass to get you started, plus if you decide you don't like it you will not have spent a fortune.


1 clear glass any size

2 small paintbrushes

Paint - Purple

Paint - Blue

(You can choose any two colors that you like)

Time: 1 hour total

After selecting the appropriate paints and brushes. Make sure the glass is washed thoroughly and completely dried; with no remaining residue, as this may not let the paint adhere well.

For the pattern, you can paint little circles or squares all around the glass, remember to interchange the two colors, to create a fun polka dot effect on your glass or mug. Once you have applied the amount of circles or squares to your liking, dry the glass according to the paint instructions. Do not judge your work while the paint is still wet, it may look bad then, but once it dries it has an entirely different look.

By doing painting without a pattern or book, you can gain a feel if you would like to continue painting or if you should pack the glasses up to send to Good Will. Hopefully you will want to continue :o)

Either you are a natural artist or it will come in time, after painting all of these things you can take some of the below suggestions or create your own for gift giving:

Fill the glass with candy and wrap with a bow

Make several of the same design and give as a house/apartment-warming gift

Make a mug and give as a new job gift or a welcome to the job gift

Personalize the mugs and glasses

Fill with hot cocoa, coffee or tea packets for the holidays

There are plenty of places to find your products and ideas; lots of craft stores have classes or you can go online and look up stores or enter in a search box craft supplies. Then again you may be a natural and not need any outside help. Happy Painting!

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