Painting Ideas For A Boy's Bedroom

Ideas for painting a boy's bedroom with basic colors, elaborate murals, or personalized touches to create a unique and inspirational space.

Children crave individuality and personalization, and a bedroom is perfect for self-expression. A customized paint job reflects hobbies and interests, and elaborate efforts foster creativity in a comforting, unique environment. When painting a boy's room, however, it is important to consider the longevity and durability of the color palette along with the overall theme.

Basic considerations to keep in mind while painting a boy's bedroom include timeliness, cleanliness, and general colors. Most parents prefer a decorative scheme that lasts for years, so avoid trendy themes or fads like popular movies or cartoons. To keep a paint job clean and fresh, reserve some of the basic colors for occasional touch-ups and to cover stains or repair damage. Latex or acrylic paint is the preferred choice for indoor painting, since it dries quickly, covers well, and is easily cleaned.

When choosing basic colors, remember that boys are quite active and will likely stain any paint job through dirty objects, fingerprints, or other means. Dark colors hide minor stains easily, but they are more difficult to paint over at a later time. Adding texture to a paint job, such as sponging a contrasting color onto the base coat, helps conceal stains. Dark colors are constricting, so create greater visual space by painting only the lower half of the walls in dark shades, with lighter colors on the upper part of the walls and the ceiling for more openness.

Creative borders and accents add personalization to basic colors with very little effort. Home improvement and paint stores stock dozens of wallpaper borders in a variety of themes, including sports, animals, and other prints. This is a perfect option for painters with little talent for complicated scenes, and borders are easy to remove or change as a boy's interests waver. Rooms can also be personalized through matching accessories such as bedding, furniture, and window treatments that coordinate with the color scheme.

Advanced painters have unlimited options for painting a boy's bedroom. Walls easily become elaborate murals, portraying anything from dinosaurs to moonscapes. Other popular themes include sports, race cars, pirates, the military, science concepts, the alphabet, cowboys, trains, or animals. A mural could be painted on one side of the room with the other walls painted in coordinating shades, or it could circle the entire room, creating a unique world to inspire the imagination.

An interactive mural is another option. Instead of simply portraying a scene, the paint is only one part of an integral room design, and the carpeting, furnishings, and accents work together to create a unified picture. For example, a baseball stadium interactive mural would involve the stands, bleachers, and scoreboard painted on the walls, while the carpeting is spliced together from brown, green, and white pieces to form the field, bases, and diamond. Each piece of furniture is uniquely painted and fashioned to coordinate with the theme, and each part of the room works together to create the complete picture.

The ultimate personalization of a boy's bedroom is to let him have a hand in painting it. No matter what his age, any boy will delight in being able to paint designs, figures, or simply handprints on his own walls without fear of parental repercussions. He could add to the design as he grows older, creating a unique record of his tastes and interests, making the room even more personal.

A boy's bedroom can be painted in everything from functional colors to fantastic murals. Hobbies, sports, or other favorite accents can be included to turn a simple bedroom into a unique, creative space, suitable for the most eclectic child. In this room, a young boy's dreams mature into a young man's reality, and a personalized space helps him realize and embrace his individuality.

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