Painting Interior Tips

Painting interior tips making a paint job easier to handle.

If you've never painted your walls before, can seem like it's a really hard job. There are a few things you can do to get that professional look in your paint job.

Before You Start

Take down any wall hangings and the nails holding them up. Be sure and fill the nail hole with a little putty. Let putty dry completely.

Take door stops off of doors. If you are putting the door stop back on in the same location you won't need to fill the hole with putty.

Take down electrical outlet covers and switch plates even if you are going for a monotone look and want them painted the same color. You will want to paint the wall behind them.

Wash the walls with a household cleaner and water. Be sure and get all grease and grime off of them walls. Make sure and let them dry thoroughly before starting to paint.

Cover the places you don't want painted. Use a drop cloth to cover floors and furniture you can't move. Mask off walls that aren't to be painted using masking tape. This will make clean up that much easier.

To make cleanup easier, rub Vaseline on your skin. The paint will come off your skin a lot easier when you do this.


Be sure to buy the right type of brush for the paint you are using. Nylon brushes are best for latex and other water-based paints. You will need several size brushes. Two inch brushes are good for painting trim, while a 1-inch brush is great for tight spots. Four inch brushes are good if you are painting a small room where a roller is inconvenient.

Pads are best on smooth surfaces and rollers are best on flat surfaces. Rollers and pads will spread paint much faster than brushes. You should use a roller for larger areas.

Painting the Walls

You'll want to paint in a sequence from the top to the bottom. Start by painting the corners first, then paint the wall from floor to ceiling, using a roller, then paint the doors and woodwork, and lastly the baseboards.

Don't wipe the back of the brush on the rim of the can; all this does is waste the paint. Dip the brush halfway in and allow the paint to drain back into the can.

You will need to wait at least three hours between coats of latex paint and 24 hours between coats for other types of paint. However, you'll want to check the instructions on the can of paint you are using as instructions can vary by manufacturer.

Cleaning Up

If you are using latex paint, immediately soak the brushes in water, then drain excess water, and clean with warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and hang brush up to dry.

If you are using other types of paint, soak brushes in paint thinner and then follow the above directions.

To clean rollers, scrape excess paint from the roller, and follow the same directions for brushes.

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