Palm Reading How To

Ever wanted to read a palm? Learn how to read lines of life, love and fate!

Palm reading is an old and mysterious art. It requires some skill in interpretation, but is not so hard to accomplish on your own. This article will bring you through the basics of palm reading, and how to interpret a palm.

First, you must make sure that your setting is appropriate for a reading. Get some pillow and dim lights slightly. Slightly mystical music is always nice. Incense adds extra flair, and you may want to make your own chart of this information for reference as you read.

Before reading a palm, it is necessary to know the major lines of the hand. Take your left hand and place it, palm upward, on the table. Now identify these lines:

1. The Lifeline

Locate the space between your thumb and index finger. Move your finger halfway between the two, and you will see a spot where two lines of the palm begin. One of these lines will move in a downward curve toward the wrist. This is your lifeline, and will contain details of your lifespan, etc.

2. The Head Line

The other line that begins at this location will move somewhat across the palm. This is your head line, and will indicate your mind.

3. The Love Line

Moving parallel and above the head line should be the love line. It should span the space between your pinky finger and your index finger. This line will speak of your love life.

4. The Line of Fate

This line will move upwards from your wrist to the top of your hand, and should occur in the center of your palm. In most cases, it sort of splits the palm in vertical halves, and is directly to the right of the lifeline. It will indicate your direction in life.

5. The Line of the Sun

This line also moves up through the palm, and should be directly to the right of the Line of Fate. This line is generally shorter than the Line of Fate, however, and speaks of your successes.

6. Children

A prevision of your children can come from the base of your pinky, at the side of your hand. If you look closely, you will see small lines moving parallel to the Head Line on your hand. These indicate your children and their offspring.

Now it's time to read the palm itself. The Lifeline is generally the most popular to read first. A wide, strong and sweeping line indicates a good life. If a line has a weak curve and is not strongly defined on the hand, it means that the person will be less robust and more spiritual. Strong line indicate strong feelings, weaker lines indicate intense thought and weak opinions. Any breaks in the lines, or interference by other lines, indicate a disturbance in the life at the point of the break. In general, lines start strong and taper towards the end, in the manner of a normal human life.

The head line will indicate mentality. The strong the line, and the less the curve, the more the intelligence. Breaks in this line indicate memory lapses. A split in this line may indicate two great talents or professions in someone's life. The Heart Line indicates loves. If this lines in uninterrupted and smooth, this indicates a happy life of love. The more interfering lines, the more hindrances to true love someone will have. A line that branches indicates several different roads for the heart to follow.

The Fate Line is as important as the Lifeline in determining someone's fate. A clear, deep line up the palm, splitting it in half, indicates good balance and a straight line towards goals. This person is very likely to succeed. An irregular line shows a series of attempts to succeed without making it. A wavering line with many breaks indicates many failures, and a strong line with many breaks indicates that a person has forged ahead despite barriers.

The Line of the Sun is judged by its closeness to the Line of Fate. It indicates the mystical nature of a person's life, and their astrological good fortune. If the two lines are parallel and running up the palm in a straight line, this person has great astrological good fortune in store. If the lines diverge, this indicates that their signs may not always control their fate. If the lines cross, this person's fate is entirely ruled by their astrological chart, and the movements of the heavens. Finally, there is an indication of Children at the bottom of the pinky. Look at the area on the side of the hand. The number of horizontal slats that lay across it indicate the number of potential children a person holds. Faint lines indicate an adopted or miscarried child.

Good luck!

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