Paper Crafts: Making Tissue Paper Flowers

Creating tissue paper flowers for any occassion and get-together will save you money and is a great group project.

Tissue paper flowers are an easy way to add color and style for any party or get-together. Because of the nature of tissue paper, you will want to use these for indoor activities to prevent wind and rain damage. You can use any colors you want and, if you do not have tissue paper, you can also use facial tissues or garbage bags, although with these you may be limited in your color and size options.

Here is what you will need to create your tissue paper flowers:

Tissue paper: any colors you want, the flowers can have as many colors as you need.

Twisters, string or yarn, or pipe cleaners: any one of these will work, however, twisters are easy to work with and stay in place better than string.

To start, cut your tissue paper into squares. You can choose what size you want your flowers to be; a standard size is an 8-inch square. Next, lay two or three pieces of tissue paper squarely on top of each other on a flat surface in front of you. You can use more, but start with two or three, once you have a good handle on the folding and tying, then add more to create fuller and more colorful flowers.

Now you are going to fan-fold the stack of tissue pieces together. To fan-fold you will fold over one half-inch all the way across one side of the tissue, then, holding the first fold, you will flip it over and fold the other side. You will continue to go from side to side until the whole tissue stack is folded and looks like this: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Keep the folds pressed together. Now fold the entire length of the tissue in half. When it is folded in half, it will create a small fan. If you are going to be hanging your flowers, place a string, long enough for you to tie them in place, in the bottom of the fold. Take your twister, string, yarn, or pipe cleaner and tie it firmly, but gently as the paper may tear, around the folded tissue paper about a half-inch to an inch above the bottom fold. Keep in mind your purpose for the flowers and be sure to have enough area at the bottom of the flower to affix it to your project.

The last step is to open your flower. To do this you will carefully pull each layer of tissue paper apart from each other. Because they are twisted or tied together at the bottom you will not want to pull too hard as the paper can tear easily there. When the paper has been separated, create a circular pattern with the tissues alternating every other side of the "fan" starting from the inside of the tissue until your "flower" looks like (@). The more tissues you use in creating your flower, the fuller your flower will be.

Alternative material note: Garbage bags, such as Bear Claw Bags or other rainbow colored bags, can be used to create festive giant-size flowers for indoor and outdoor use.

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