Parent Teacher Conference: Dealing With Your Child's Teacher

A parent teacher conference may not be in order to distinguish the quality of your chil's teacher. Here are some different things you can do as a parent to deal with your child's teacher while they are in school.

Now that your child is in school there will be another important person in your life, your child teacher. For a set amount of time each year your child will be spending time with their teacher everyday, five days a week.

You need to get to know this person so you can feel comfortable with your child being with them in their environment. You will be dealing with your child teacher through out the entire school year. The best way to handle that is to get to know your child teacher up front. Spend some time with the teacher when your child first enter their room.

Get to know the teacher and let them get to know you. Make sure you feel at ease to talk with your child's teacher since you will be communicating with them off and on during the year. Teachers need a comfort zone so they can feel comfortable when they need to talk to you. You two will be communicating with each other during the school year, so both parties need to feel good about talking to each other.

In dealing with your child teacher you will have to be able to do your part to make sure your child school year is productive. Try to participate in as many school activities as you possible can. Work along with the teacher on any extra curriculm your child may need to have. If you feel something is not right with what your child is working on, talk to their teacher and let them know. Teachers need feed back from parents on what might be wrong with their child school work. By talking and communicating with their teacher you will both feel comfortable if a discussion like that has to take place. Don't let your child be the only one that is dealing with their teacher when there is a problem. You as the parent have to deal with their teacher along with your child to work things out. Your child teacher, like you, want only what's best for your child.

With the two of you working together your child can't help but to succeed.

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