Parenting Skills: Family Time Management

A guide to balancing schedules in order to allow for special times occasionally. Parents and children are responsible for learning this skill.

So many things are happening these days. No wonder we worry about our children so much. In today's Society we have our children going to school where there is Guns, drugs, violence, gangs, and much more. More importantly today, we need to find quality family time in our families, and make sure we raise our children well. We all want our children to be safe when they go outside to play, but we also need to make sure that they feel safe in the walls of your own home.

Here is a few examples of how you can spend your quality time.

Family prayer morning and night.

Family Home Evening every Monday night. This means getting together for songs, prayer, lesson, activity, and treat. No other activities are allowed on this night.

Family Scripture study everyday.

Reading together as a family. Activities to develop personal talents and individuality. This doesn't t always mean paying for some sort of professional lessons.

In my family growing up we had what we called "family Meetings" This is where we all sit down at the kitchen table and talk. We talk about our day, how we feel, how we feel about different subjects, sports, school, family problems, and so on. This is a good way to spend quality time with your family.

Family night is another great way to have time with your family. Have a set night each week, say Monday, where the whole family stays home and watches a movie, or plays games, or something like that. this way each week your family knows it is family time. With this Activity you will see your family growing a stronger bond.

A family vacation is an Awesome way to let your family spend time with each other. Go on a camping trip to the mountains, or go to the beach, or take a family walk. While out of the house with your family, Everyone gets to let out their stress, and talk about what is bothering them.

I believe that if we spend time with our families, our children will feel stronger and safer in thier environment.

Quality time needs to be made of a family, with every member of the household. With quality time spent, Love will grow, and you will have stronger relationships.

Family is a very important part of a childs life, the first 5 years are the most important, so do the best you can in the world around you. Remember also that a child hears everything that you say, and watches everything that you do. All of this can effect the way they live tomorrow. The most important thing to remember is to teach your childrent hat you are always there for them, sometimes parents get too involved in work, or other things, and do not realize what they are doing to thier children. Always show your love and appreciation, and spend a little quality time when you can.

A family does not need to be a mother, a father, brothers and sisters, All youi need is one parent or guardian to care for the child. If you or another family member has a problem with drinking, drugs, anger etc, get help now before it is too late and your child tries to imitate you.

Again I will say that a family and quality time is the most important role in every day life. A family can be poor in money, but even the poorest man is rich in love.

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