Part-Time Cleaning Job

If you're looking for great part-time employment, consider a cleaning job for flexible hours and helpful exercise that can make enhance you and your budget.

Cleaning houses part-time is a great job for someone who does not work full-time and who might have children in school. Most families need two incomes these days. This is a way to make pretty good money and keep in shape at the same time. If you are a two-car family, you might want to buy a van to have plenty of room for the children, and to haul cleaning equipment. If your children are older, you might want to give them a job helping you. This is a great way to teach them to be responsible, and it will make them feel good to be earning their own money.

The first thing you will need to do is buy plenty of cleaning equipment. Don't use the customer's equipment, because you can be blamed if you break any of their supplies or machinery. You also should have cards made up with your name and telephone number or email address, along with the kind of cleaning you are able to do. It might help to have some fliers printed up; come up with an idea that will catch people's attention so they will want to read and see what it is about.

Then you have to check into the rules and law so everything you do is legal, including cleaning chemicals, and you don't get in trouble with the city, state, or federal offices. Officials will want to know what size company you plan on starting and how many people you will employ. Then call your insurance company and check on liability coverage. Another suggestion is to call the telephone company to get a pager and a new telephone line or cell phone. Don't forget about posting something in the yellow pages so people can see your ads. Try to name your company with a name that begins with "A," such as "Any-Kind House Cleaning." That way your ad will be one of the first ones listed.

Then put your business card up at the grocery store and local laundry mats. Place your ad in newspapers and coupon books that come in the mail once a week. You also can call medical offices to offer your help with cleaning. Try any small office that has carpet and desks, such as an insurance salesman's office.

Start with a few jobs until you get some experience and feel comfortable about doing this type of work. If you do good work, you will end up with all the jobs you could want. As you customer base increases, you might want someone from your family to help out. But if you can't get a family member, be careful whom you hire. You need to make sure the person is never late or won't do a bad job. Reckless behavior could hurt your business and give you a bad name. Never tell someone that you will be there and the job will be done at a certain time, and then end up not scheduling your time right and arriving late.

A part-time cleaning job provides flexibility, exercise, and extra income. Give this job some thought so you can decide whether to give it a try.

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