Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program

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  • Overview

    Partnership for Prescription Assistance Program
    Prescription medication can be expensive especially for those without medical insurance or prescription drug benefits. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a collaboration between a number of healthcare groups and industries with the intent to help match patients without insurance to programs that can help them buy their medicine at reduced or no cost. There are a number of qualification criteria, but it can be worth looking into if you are struggling to pay for your medications.
  • History

    PPA was originally created as a partnership between government agencies, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and nonprofits. The goal of the organization is to help low-income Americans without insurance find programs that will reduce, or even eliminate, their prescription drug costs.
  • Services

    Through their website, PPARX, PPA provides information on more than 475 programs that are available to low-income patients who need assistance paying for their prescription drugs. Understand that 180 of those programs are managed directly by the pharmaceutical companies involved in the program. While PPA itself does not offer assistance, it does provide a portal to these assistance programs. Each of the 475 programs has its own eligibility criteria and application process.

  • How It Works

    To determine if you are eligible for any of the assistance programs, visit the PPA website and click on "Patients." The first step is to enter the prescription drugs you take by searching for the drug's name. After adding all your medications, you will have to enter personal information including, your name, age, income level, residency status and any information on your current medical coverage, such as Medicare or Medicaid. After entering this information, you will see a list of assistance programs. To receive assistance, you will have to apply to each program individually.
  • Qualifications

    Each of the 475 programs has kits own qualifications and application process. Generally, the programs are available for low-income Americans who do not have prescription drug coverage.
  • Warnings

    PPA never charges a fee for its service. Some unscrupulous companies have attempted to duplicate the service and charge money, and some even use PPA's name to attract business. The real Partnership for Prescription Assistance can be contacted through its website or (888) 4PPA-NOW.
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