About Parts for an Older Dell Laptop

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    There are thousands of older Dell laptops in the world that work, but are no longer made by the company. There are some users who think the parts for their computer are no longer made or sold and when they have a problem, they don't know what to do. However, these parts are still available from a variety of retailers, including Dell.
  • Significance

    Dell is one of the leading manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers in the world. As they continue to upgrade and release new models, they discontinue their older models. This results in a number of users with older, outdated laptops. When such a computer exhibits problems and replacement parts are needed, the user may find it difficult to track down the parts. Many people even assume that they can't find the part and should get rid of the computer.
  • Warning

    A large number of Internet sellers offer refurbished parts for older Dell laptops. Prior to placing an order, the shopper should check the return policy and make sure that the part comes with a guarantee. If the part arrives and it doesn't work or is damaged, the buyer needs to be able to return it to the store. They should also check the serial number to ensure that the part was manufactured specifically for their make and model of laptop.

  • Dell

    Before buying from the secondary market, shoppers should check with Dell directly and ask if the part is available. Even if the company has stopped making the laptop model, they may have the part in stock. For example, they still sell batteries and power cords for some of the Inspiron models that are no longer made. These parts aren't available from their website, but they can be ordered from a customer service representative.
  • Features

    Parts for older Dell laptops should include the correct serial number and information on the piece that indicates it was created by the company. Dell uses a proprietary system with many of their parts, including RAM or memory. This means that the computers won't work with pieces created by other manufacturers and that those parts may stop the computer from working. The Dell name, logo and their serial number will appear on all parts made by the company for their computers.
  • Types

    Shoppers can find almost any type of part for an older Dell laptop including screens, speakers, memory and keyboards. These are available as new, used and refurbished pieces. New pieces are ones still created by the company or those that were stored, but never used. The used parts came out of older laptop computers that no longer worked. There are also refurbished pieces that were used in computers, but then repaired and tested before being sold.
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