Party DéCor Tips: How To Make Your Own Bridal Shower Streamer Decorations

If you are throwing the shower for a bride-to-be, you can create some beautiful streamers that will put everyone in the mood for a celebration.

A bridal shower is a great time to get creative and crafty with decorations. If you are throwing the shower for a bride-to-be, you can create some beautiful streamers that will put everyone in the mood for a celebration. And don't worry - you can actually complete this project within an hour easily, so you'll have plenty of time to attend to the foods and shower games and other decorations! There are several ways to vary your streamers so that they suit your guest of honor and her upcoming marriage. When you are picking out your supplies, think about the type of wedding that the bride-to-be is going to have. For example, find out what the color scheme is, whether the wedding bands and engagement ring are gold or silver, and whether or not they are having a themed wedding. If you incorporate elements from the upcoming wedding, it will add a more personal touch to the party. Here are a few ways to make bridal shower streamers:


If the wedding that you are celebrating has a beach or tropical theme, or if it is taking place on a beach, or if the couple is going to be honeymooning at a beach or tropical location, then sea shell streamers are a great choice for your bridal shower d├ęcor. If you don't live near a beach where you might be able to collect some sea shells for the project, you should be able to find them at your local craft store or on the internet. You will need to buy enough sea shells to have the ability to line them up and form the length that you desire for your streamers. You can also buy other sea-oriented things to string on your streamers, such as sand dollars, sea horses, starfish, and corals, which you will also be able to find at a craft store. In addition, you will need string, pieces of tan and light blue ribbon that are less than an inch thick, and a glue gun. Here are the directions:

1. Cut pieces of string to the length that you want your streamers to be (cut as many pieces as you want streamers).

2. Cut pieces of light blue and tan ribbon so that they are about three or four inches long. You need one piece of ribbon for each sea shell that you hang.

3. Use your glue gun to attach each piece of ribbon to each sea shell, and then tightly tie each ribbon around your long strings.

4. Hang your streamers - the sea shells dangle from the string!


If you are able to find out what type and color flowers the bride-to-be is planning to use in the wedding, you can make some lovely floral streamers that can even double as a potpourri. It is so simple to make them, too. This should be done the night before the party or in the morning on the day of the party if you are going to be using fresh flowers, which is a really nice touch. If you would prefer to do this further in advance, you can use artificial flowers instead - they can look just as lovely, but they obviously won't be potpourri streamers. You also need a needle and thread. Here are the directions:

1. Thread your needle. You need have pieces of thread that are cut to the length that you want your streamers to be.

2. Use the needle to thread flowers (take the stems off the flowers first) together like a garland, each flower about half an inch apart from the next.

3. If you are using fresh flowers and you are making the streamers the night before, store them in the refrigerator overnight and hang them in the morning. To vary this craft, you can thread leaves in between the flowers, or wrap vines around the finished floral streamer.


Bells are a symbol of love and marriage, so it is no wonder that they make a terrific decoration for a bridal shower. Visit your local craft store, and you will find a wide selection of decorative and functional bells. If the engaged couple has silver wedding bands, buy silver bells; if they have gold rings, get gold bells. Buy some thin wire, and string your bells onto the wire. Hang the streamers in front of doors and windows so that they are likely to ring when the wind blows and when new guests arrive.

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