Party Ideas For Children

Children love theme parties, and planning one is fun for adults, as well. Here are some ideas for food, costumes, decorations, etc.

Children adore theme parties, and adults enjoy planning them. The ideas for topics are endless and perhaps this article will spark an idea or two for a very memorable gathering.

The first step comes in choosing your theme. It can be a country, a certain period in time, a particular culture, a color, or any other creative idea you or the children can come up with. After the theme is chosen, do a little research, if needed on the theme.

If you have chosen a country or region, it will be fun to research what games were played there in the past. Is there a way you can have the children at the party play these games, or similar games? If you're going all out with even costumes, see what was worn. What holidays were celebrated in your country of choice? The library might carry musical selections of your country to check out, or the internet can be searched for that.

The coup de grace of a theme party should always be the meal. Find recipes that were used in your country of choice. If you're doing a culture or a time period, appropriate recipes can always be found. Every course should be something associated with your theme.

Some themes are easier for meal planning. If you are using India, you know you will be cooking with curry. If it's a region like New Orleans, you might make something like Po'Boy Sandwiches. If you're doing an era such as the Great Depression, you will be researching recipes from the 1930s.

A few ideas for a jump-start might be Civil War era, Ancient Egypt, Christmas Around the World, the 50's, When Grandma Was A Girl, a particular color (decorations, clothing, and even food choices would be revolving around this color), Turn of the Century, any current or former country, any time period (children might enjoy dressing like, and hearing music of the hippie generation of the 60s, for instance), or any figure in history.

The Christmas Around the World idea might work well for a number of families to do together. Each family can choose a country and then tell about it at the gathering (i.e. how Christmas is celebrated there) and each bring a covered dish and dessert from their chosen countries.

Whatever theme is selected, both children and adults will remember this special family activity for a very long time.

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