Party Planning For Kids

I have lots of ideas for planning a kids party, from start to finish.

Are you thinking about giving party, perhaps a children's party? I would say first of all that children's parties can be lots of fun, but you'll need a lot of planning. I'm going to discuss parties for ages of children up to age six.

Pre-school youngsters tire very easily so you'll need to have a time limit. Think about what you want to do at the party, what games will you play, will there be gifts if a birthday party. Will the party be held indoors or outdoors and what refreshments will be served. Plan the games you want to play and a time for each game. Keep in mind that most pre-school games last about five minutes or ten minutes at the most. I would suggest planning an hour for a pre-schoolers' party. You can always extend the party longer than an hour if the children still want to play and are having fun. Remember game time can be fun time. If you want to have prizes plan games that all the children can participate in and award prizes to all of the children. Many pre-school children have not learned how to take turns, others have. You could have balloons to throw, balls to bounce, or many just simple games that will keep the children involved. You might even get a good story and read to them, and musical games are always fun, like "Ring Around the Rosie", "Farmer in the Dell," and many others.

When the children tire of the games bring out the refreshments and they will get excited all over again. Plan your decorations with color, simplicity and "touchability" as pre-school children love to touch pretty things.

By the time children start school they are ready for a different kind of party. You will be aware of all these changes in your child when you plan a party of any kind, particularly a birthday party. The child will be able to help pick out the invitations and also the theme of his party. He will love picking out party hats, crepe paper, tassels and also bows and will be really excited.

You might have a "Treasure Hunt" game, or have a race or perhaps play "Musical Chairs", etc. You can also tell a good story, perhaps a funny one at the party. I would suggest using little nut cups for the party favors, fill them will mints or little candies that children will love. Let the birthday child choose his favorite flavor of cake and also ice cream.

Sometimes in a large family there are a few members who have a birthday in one month and you might give just one party for even the older ones, have the smaller ones help with the decorations and the games and plan with you. The

older ones will certainly appreciate all of your planning and love the attention the younger children will give to the party and also to them.

If you are giving a Holiday party you'll want to choose decorations that fit the occasion such as Halloween, Christmas, etc. If you choose to serve a cake at the party even if not someone's birthday you might have the bakery create one for that special holiday.

With careful planning of invitations, decorations, games and food and perhaps setting a time limit on any kind of party you are sure to have a wonderful time and your guests will also.

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