Is The Party Rental Company Responsible For Cleanup Of Linens And Flatware?

Is the party rental company responsible for cleanup of linens and flatware? With the damage waiver, you are covered if you break something. With flatware, the company asks you to rinse it off. With linens, you can return as is.

Ah, the fine details of party planning. These are necessary details to ascertain both verbally and in writing prior to the day of the actual party or event. As a matter of fact, it can't hurt to call the party rental company prior to the event and go over the agreed upon details one last time. This is helpful for both the host and the party rental company. They don't want to make mistakes and disappoint their clients any more than the party host wants to be disappointed on the day of is or her planned event.

Keith Krantz owns and operates Grand Central Party Rental in Nashville, Tennessee. Before starting his company, he spent more than 23 years working in international sales.

He is a professional when it comes to the fine details of party planning, and offers the following advice.

"If your even involves a caterer, you may still rent your plates from a party rental company," Krantz explains. "If the caterer serves the food, they will undoubtedly scrape the plate as well, after the place settings have been cleared. The plates will be returned to the party rental company in some type of crate. Typical protocol involves the caterer scraping and/or rinsing the plates. Since the plates may not actually be washed for a day or so,sitting in these crates with food encrusted on them makes the actual washing process become much more difficult than it needs to be. Rinsing the plates is always best."

Linens are simpler to return and almost no responsibility is expected on behalf of the renters or the caterer.

"Linens are usually just picked up the way they are and returned," Krantz says. "Most party rental companies will arrange for their own laundry services to clean the linens."

Krantz highly recommends taking advantage of an insurance policy damage waiver at the onset of party rental plans. Most companies offer this and it isn't expensive,often as little as five to ten percent of the total party rental cost.

"If something gets broken, the damage waiver will cover a certain amount of the breakage," Krantz says. "I always recommend that people take the waiver. It will also cover equipment or items that may have been lost or stolen."

Heeding Krantz's advice may be the final secure strategy in creating a flawless party or event day. No host can be 100% responsible for what his or her guests do during the event. Items get broken. Sadly, the occasional item becomes lost or stolen. No one is going to chase down the culprits and insist upon the return of a linen napkin or coffee cup. However, the party rental company can't take such losses with a grain of salt. They must be reimbursed. The insurance waiver is an investment that is worth way more in peace of mind than it will ever shell out financially. And peace of mind is one item on the list of both party planners and hosts that no one should consider skimping on.

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