Party Supplies Check List: The Basics You'll Need

Party supply check list. Do you have the basic party supplies you will need?

Parties can be so much fun if they are planned and organized and the host has the basic party supplies. A party needs to be exciting, especially a birthday party. It needs to be magical and fantastic. No matter what style of party you are planning you'll want it to be remembered by all. You want to feel great planning and having the party and you want also the person or persons you are giving the party to remember it always.

Parties celebrate the person and the occasion. That person will receive presents and privileges in front of his friends. He is the center of attention and the acknowledged star of the day. The party should be exciting, fun, and joyful. The secrets of a good party are planning and structure. Even the most simple of parties should be carefully preplanned, organized and rehearsed. Every minute of the party should be planned and you'll need to make lots of decisions.

Deciding whom to invite is the first block to building a good party and it's one on which the entire construction can rise or fall. If possible consult the person to go over a guest list, but if it's a surprise party you'll need to decide on the guests. First you will need to decide on the appropriate invitations to fit the occasion, then decide if you will buy them, have them special

designed and made or make them yourself.

If you wish to have any games of any sort at the party you will need to plan these games, purchase the supplies to be used for all of the games. This will require planning and lots of thought.

You might want to plan a costume party, if so you'll need to decide on the theme and then locate a rental store for the costumes and perhaps include that in your invitations.

If you plan to serve a dinner or a meal at the party you'll need to make plans yourself or contact others to help prepare the food or perhaps contact a service to provide the food.

For a birthday party you'll need to either bake

the birthday cake yourself or contact a local bakery to design the cake to your specifications.

If you wish to serve refreshments you will then need to plan what type you might serve such as;

coffee, punch, ice cream, mixed drinks or liquor.

You might decide to serve finder foods that require all sorts of foods such as; two or three kinds of cheeses, some crackers, seedless grapes, cut vegetables and a dip or chips and perhaps a bowl of olives or cherry tomatoes.

There will be a need for napkins, plates, glasses

and silverware. You might want to buy all paper

to dispose of easily and have less work in cleaning afterwards or you might want to use your

very best dishes or china. The theme of the paper products might need to be in line with the birthday cake design.

Place cards would be very nice for a sit down dinner at your party, even party hats if you just want to have lots of fun.

You might want to decorate the area where the party will be held with decoration such as balloons or streamers.

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