Party Theme Idea: Sporting Day

Looking for party theme ideas for that special child in you life? My son recently turned 9 years old and he celebrated it with an action filled sports day. Here is how to do it.


*Buy ready-made invitations with a sports theme;

*or make your own using your creative talents - draw an image of a ball (football, basketball, baseball, cricket, netball or rugby ball) and cut it out in the form of a ball.

*on the invitations ask the children to wear casual clothes on the day of the party.


Use a huge enamel tub and fill it with ice. Put in plastic-covered ice lollies and fruit juices or energy drinks.

Arrange platters with small pastries such as miniature sausage rolls, cheese roll and spinach pies.

Have a large supply of potato crisps and peanuts.

For the sweet tooth, have a supply of energy bars and a bought or made carrot cake.

Decorate the table with little cards (either bought or handmade) of information of famous sporting stars. To make: collect pictures of sport stars and search the internet for information regarding their sporting careers. Use multi-coloured lightweight cardboard and glue a picture of a sportsperson on one side - on the other neatly write any information relating to him/her. Encourage the children to study the cards.


This is the easy part - which sports does your child like? Is it cricket, baseball, soccer, football, tennis? Ask yourself if you have the space at home. If not, phone friends or the local school. Some companies rent out fields and halls. In my case, my child chose soccer and cricket - I hired a hall which featured both sports - on one side of the hall, the children were able to play action cricket and on the other side, action soccer. Action sports are "abbreviated" forms of the real thing.

Then again, don't worry about organising halls and/or fields and all the equipment that is needed - why not arrange games in your back garden. Shoot the hoop, sack races, rotten egg are all good examples of games to play.

If it rains, hold sport quizzes (remember the cards on the eats table!); get interactive with the children: ask them who their favorite sporting stars are and why.... If they would like to play international sport one day.

Another indoor game to play: devide the children into groups of four to five. Hand each group a piece of paper and pen. Tell the groups that only one person may do the writing, another one will be the "captain" of the group and yet another one will be the "scorer" (the only one who is allowed to move away from the group to find information). Give the teams about 5 minutes to argue about who should do what. Blow a whistle and tell them that to start off with they have 15 minutes to write down the names of different kinds of sport, sporting personalities or sporting events....beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The scorer may move to the tables to search for clues or "spy" (if he/she gets away with it) on the other groups. The captain co-ordinates the "players" and the writer writes down the information. Whichever team wins, gets to play umpire in the next round - this time let them think up a task for the remaining teams - such as name the different events staged at Olympic games, all the players in a current national/international side of a certain sport.


Hand each child a brown bag (decorated on the outside with sport symbols) containing energy squares, snacks and a small card containing information on a sporting personality or sport.

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