Best Patio And Lawn Furniture

Shop for durable, functional patio and lawn furniture that will provide comfort and beauty for outdoor enjoyment and seasonal recreation.

Outdoor patio and lawn furniture are an important addition to any homeowner's property. Whether you are looking for a porch chair or a garden bench for enjoying your property in good weather, it helps to know which types of furniture will accent your decor and provide a comfortable retreat from indoor living.

1. Shop for style coordination. You may want to purchase outdoor furniture that continues the style depicted in your interior furnishings, whether French provincial or contemporary designs. But if you are unable to locate period lawn furniture, or if you want a different feel for the outdoor area, you can always look for a coordinating element like color, structural design, or style to suggest a connection between indoor and outdoor furniture.

2. Consider building materials and durability. You might decide to opt for cedar furniture for your patio or lawn. Built to last with an attractive finish, cedar is a popular choice for outdoor furniture. On the other hand, you may prefer teak, which provides a lighter style that goes well with an airy design. Factor in considerations like whether young children or pets will use the furniture to get an idea of the lasting value you may be looking for.

3. Weigh conventional with creative pieces. You could start with a traditional porch glider, chair, and coffee table for your patio, with a picnic table and chaise for the lawn. Another approach would be to buy a padded chair with an ottoman for the patio and add an arbor or wooden bridge to the yard. You can always change the style in a few years for a completely different effect, but keep in mind each new set of furniture can cost a pretty penny.

4. Buy outdoor furniture that will last. Be sure to get pieces made of treated lumber to prevent insects, mold, or weather from causing the wood to deteriorate quickly. But check for possible toxicity in the furnishings, especially if you have young children who will be using them. Remember to clean the patio and yard furniture at the end of each season, replacing worn cushions and applying an anti-rust substance to protect each piece. Then store them in a secure environment, preferably under cover of your garage or the shed, to keep them from damage due to harsh weather conditions.

5. Look for the best price and guarantee. Sometimes a clearance price may not be worth much if it comes on an item that is already damaged or that no one else wants. You may be better off paying a little more for a warranty or a guarantee in case a furniture item breaks soon after purchase or holds up only a season or two. Also find out where you can get matching accessories and replacement parts that may be needed in the normal course of average wear and usage.

Shop wisely for lawn furniture that will accent your property and provide years of outdoor enjoyment for the entire family. Plan before you buy to save time, money, and frustration.

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