All About Patricia Field: Fashion And Style

Learn about the designer fashion label by Patricia Field, best known for her costuming work for the television series "Sex in the City". She is a trendsetter and queen of urban chic.

Fashion is not only about the designer and the designs.Fashion is also about putting it all together and creating a "look".In the world of television and stage someone who puts the "look" together is referred to as a costume designer or a stylist.Patricia Field is known as one of the top costume designers.She is best known for her work on "Sex and the City".


The Patricia Field style has inspired millions of women across the country searching out ways to emulate the "look".Her own clothing line and ability to borrow from others to create fashion and trend is praised as pioneering and stimulating to the fashion industry.

Although "Sex and the City" has ended its groundbreaking run, Patricia's work continues in the television and stage arena's with past, present and future projects filling her calendar.Presently working on "Hope and Faith" she is also in the process of costuming a Broadway musical "The Opposite of Sex", working with DKNY creating and directing a short film for The Tribeca Film Festival, and designing a limited edition collection of accessories and shoes for the Candie's label.And that just scratches the surface because not only does she handle these and many more commissioned projects she also runs her boutique, and designs her own line of clothing and accessories.

Having won countless awards for her ability as a costumer and stylist it seems that Field may be at a crossroads but that just is not true.Having been in the business since 1966 Patricia Field is hardly a newcomer to fashion.She has always been the hipster to head to for the latest look or innovation.Internationally known as a factor in urban style her clients are flocking to her still and will continue to do so for a long time.


So what does the Patricia Field style look like?Imagine the costume as an every day statement; Gwen Stefani heads to the grocery store or Carrie works in the cubicle next to you in the suburbs.Wow!It means mixing and matching and taking a dare when it appears to work or even if it does not.Sexy, hip glam is a good start.

Follow theses guidelines to create your own Patricia Field "look":

­- Laced up and plunging

­- Commando mixed with lace

­- Corset style waistbands

­- Hot pink and motorcycle chic - jackets and cropped pants

­- Crop pant with embroidery or glitter or fleece

­- Chinese silk bustier with a fleece battle jacket

­- Shoes, shoes, shoes

­- Accessories, accessories, accessories

­- Urban sexy

­- Tight statement making tanks and tee's

­- Tailored but cropped, shortened, twisted just a bit

Confused on how to put it all together?Grab your latest fashion magazine, find a few ensembles that appeal to you and go from there - crop it, chop it, decorate it, hang an accessory on it, look for patterns, statements, and your inner hipster.And don't forget the shoes!The shoes and accessories are the force that ties a Patricia Field scheme together.

Patricia Field has been a force in the fashion world for almost forty years.Her stamina and love for fashion continues to bring the urban look to the forefront of style.Look to her when you need to vamp up your wardrobe.

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