The Paul Simon And Art Garfunkel Songs

Silence is a song of Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, that has been talked about for the last decades. Read on to find about these two star's history together.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are one of the most famous singing teams ever. Each is also famous in his own right, recording several singles when they were apart. Their partnership happened almost by accident, mainly because it almost didn't happen at all. They tried singing together several times, but it often failed in the beginning, or didn't generate much enthusiasm. After their song, "The Sound of Silence" came out, though, they took off.

Simon and Garfunkel have known each other since they were children. They grew up together in Queens, New York, and sang together often in high school. There, they had one minor hit, "Hey Schoolgirl," at which time they were known as Tom and Jerry. They did record some songs as Tom and Jerry, and it was almost "pre-fame" thing for them. They wrote and sang folk songs, which Paul mostly wrote. Their single came about when they played for school dances, and the song was much enjoyed by classmates. After this, though, they didn't record together very often. Their Tom and Jerry phase lasted past high school and partway through college. After, Paul went to England (he went back and forth) to pursue solo folk singing.

Their first album was "Wednesday Morning 3 a.m.," which failed. After this, Simon went off to England to become a folk singer. Garfunkel went back to college, though he sometimes visited Simon. There, they recorded "The Sound of Silence," in 1967. It was because it caught the ear of a Florida DJ, who began to play it often that they reached their stardom.

After this, they recorded several more singles together and came out with a few albums. They played concerts up until the mid-90's, even after they were officially broken up. They have several very famous singles, of which the most popular is "Scarborough Fair." Others include "Kathy's Song," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and "The Boxer."

For the most part, Paul Simon pursued a solo career, in which he was successful. He has many more singles and albums on his own than he does in the singing pair. Paul Simon is currently 59 years old, born in 1941 (so was Art Garfunkel). He's about five feet, three inches tall, which has always troubled him. Another interesting fact is that he began to bald at only 28 years of age, at which time he started wearing a toupee. His first wife was Peggy Harper, who was married to his manager at the time they met. They divorced after only five years. He then married Carrie Fisher of "Star Wars" in 1983. They divorced only nine months afterward. He's currently married to Edie Brickell of the musical group Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, who's roughly half his age. They have two children.

Art Garfunkel was married to a woman named Linda Grossman, whom he divorced after only three years. His current wife is Kim Cernak, who he's been married to since 1988. They have no children.

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