Why Do People Have To Have A Home Inspection?

Why do people have to have a home inspection? People are not required to have home inspections. However, it is recommended so that you know exactly what shape the home is in. People do not have to have home...

People do not have to have home inspections. It is not required. They can have them if they want to. It is to their advantage to get a home inspection because it is worth while to know what you are buying. Home inspectors can go through the home- top to bottom-, and they will check everything that is visible. Home inspectors can see within their house, and they will point out stuff that the home owners would never even think of. It is especially important for safety. We can look at safety items in a home. You need to get a good idea of the condition of the house the day of the inspection. I say the day of the inspection because between the time of sale and resale, things can change. The air conditioner may have worked the day I looked at it, but is not working two days after. It is just what we can inspect and see. I can go up in the attic, and I can measure the insulation in the walls. If I see that there are thirteen inches in the attic, which is great for today's standards, I would write a good report. If I find three inches in the attic, I would recommend more insulation be put in the attic.

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