What Do People Learn In Your Sustainable Building Workshops?

What do people learn in your sustainable building workshops? Much of the knowledge of sustainable building is ancient, and the goal of natural and green building is to regain it. I teach very grass-root...

I teach very grass-root stuff. I teach about clay and how to work with it, how to build with it, and what its limitations are. Clay is a remarkable material, and the technology is almost lost. The know-how is not that far from being lost, but it can be regained. It's very simple stuff, but nobody knows about it. I knew nothing about it until I started working with it about six years ago. Back then, no one in Texas could tell me anything about building with clay. I had to go to Mexico and New Mexico and Arizona to learn about it, and now I know a lot about it, so I teach workshops on how to build with clay and straw. I've been doing that for over 10 years. I teach people how to build floors and plasters with clay. I teach them how to detail and plan and how to build wall systems out of straw bales.

Usually people that come to my workshops are hip to the philosophy behind natural building, but sometimes they're not. Sometimes they're there because they're do-it-yourself-ers who heard that it's cheap and they have no regard or awareness for the fact that there's an energy crisis on the way and it might affect the whole planet.

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