Do People With Penicillin Allergies Need a Medical Alert Bracelet?

By Contributing Writer

  • Overview

    Bracelets save lives. Penicillin allergies kill people every year. If you are allergic to penicillin and don't have a medical alert bracelet, get one.
  • Why?

    Imagine you are in an accident and sustained a head injury or some other problem that does not allow you to communicate freely with hospital staff. You come into the emergency room and the staff has to treat you now to prevent you from dying of an infection later. Perhaps the drug of choice in this case is penicillin (which you are allergic to) and there is no there one to relate this fact. They treat you with penicillin. You start to develop a rash immediately, which goes unnoticed by the busy staff. Within minutes your airways are closed. You gasp and it feels like your lungs are ready to explode as you get weaker and weaker, lying in the bed. If the medical staff act quickly, they might be able to save your life. Or perhaps it is too late. Now Imagine the staff explaining to your family that a $4 dollar bracelet could have saved your life.
  • What Are They?

    Medical are bracelets are not very expensive. You can obtain them from the drugstore for a few dollars, pre-engraved for the most common condition, includiing penicillin allergy. Typically, they are made of stainless steel to prevent other allergic reactions and irritations of the skin. They often have a flat plate with the allergy engraved on one side and a symbol on the other side that indicates that it is a medical alert bracelet. The chain on the bracelet is typically made with links that are thick gauge and durable. These bracelets will be seen and easily recognized by emergency medical technicians and hospital staff .

  • When Should I Wear It?

    You should wear this bracelet all of the time. There are a lot of reasons that people don't wear their medical bracelets, ranging from physical discomfort to aesthetic preference. But you can not choose when and where a medical emergency will strike. Will your reasons for not wearing the bracelet jeopardize your life?
  • Are They All The Same?

    You do have choices. In order to accommodate concerns about style and comfort so that people will wear these bracelets, a wide variety is available. You can get gold bracelets or well over $600 or you can stay with a simple drugstore variety. As long as the bracelet is easy to identify as a medical alert bracelet, the emergency medical technicians or other first responders should have no problem reporting your allergy to hospital staff.
  • Where Do I Buy Them?

    Medical alert bracelets are available online or at your local drugstore. If you can't afford one, you can even make a temporary one out of paper on a necklace. As long as the medical personnel can read it and recognize what it is, it should get the job done. Make sure that it is water resistant or waterproof. Use pencil, writing it darkly on a piece of paper and making it water resistant it with tape. This is not elegant but it should last until you can get your bracelet.
  • Are there alternatives?

    Are there alternatives to medical bracelets? You can carry a card in your wallet since medical technicians are trained to look there. There are also necklaces for those who prefer them. The advantage of a card in a wallet is that it can carry so much more information, but the fear is that it might be somehow lost in an accident or emergency. The best option is to use the card in a wallet combined with a bracelet. They even have bracelets that say to check the wallet. This can alert people to look for your wallet for other information, including medications you are taking and your other medical conditions. The bracelet has the advantage of being easy to recognize and hard to lose, and if you combine it with the wallet, you can get the best of both worlds.
  • Get It Now

    Don't wait until later to get a medical alert bracelet.
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