The perfect souvenirs to bring back from california

A guide to souvenir hunting in California including popular gifts, famous tourist attractions and other collectibles.

For someone who has never been to California any souvenir from there would probably be impressive but some common souvenirs are always a hit. Tee shirts and coffee mugs along with ball caps and key rings are popular souvenirs for just about anyone.

Since California is known as wine country a wine set is a great gift for most adults particularly if it says the name of the California orchard. California is also known for its poppy plants. The orange and yellow flowers are beautiful and their images are on everything from mouse pads to tee shirts to ink pens.

Who's going to visit California and not bring back some of their luscious oranges and grapefruit? Many orchards allow you to drop by and pick up a crate of fruit or a small bag. Although most of this souvenir will be eaten the bag or crate are usually stamped with the orchard's emblem.

There are so many spectacular tourist attractions in California that it's impossible not to find tons of souvenirs. Since the state is on the coast a lighthouse with the state's name is one consideration. Anything nautically related is a good choice for those who enjoy nautical themes. And at souvenir shops near the ocean you'll find plenty.

For the kids something from Disneyland is sure to please. Or what about a model of the Golden Gate Bridge for a boy and a shell jewelry set for a girl? Children who are a little older might appreciate a Hollywood logo on a shirt, jacket or tote bag.

If you're going to Hollywood there are thousands of souvenirs with their logo from which to choose. Photos, posters or other memorabilia from a Hollywood production is sure to get a smile from the recipient. Or bring back maps of the stars' homes, pictures of Grauman's Chinese Theatre, or of the famous Hollywood sign.

The San Diego Zoo is known world-wide and there you can purchase stuffed safari animals, armadillos and giant pandas. There are hundreds of theme parks, water parks, local events and one-time affairs that will have fabulous souvenirs.

Dazzle your in-laws with a purchase from the world-famous Rodeo Drive shops in Beverly Hills. You don't have to spend a fortune on the gift. Choose something tasteful but not extremely expensive. The bag alone will be quite impressive.

Other famous spots in California include Native American museums, state parks, wildlife preserves, Alcatraz, old gold mines, the Chinese Temples, Death Valley, Civil War museums, ghost towns, Redwood Forest, Winchester House, The Alamo, and so many others. Any item with the name of an historical landmark is a keepsake worth giving to a loved one.

There are so many souvenirs manufactured these days that you should have no problem choosing something for everyone on your list. Some of the most popular gifts are mouse pads, tee shirts, mugs, ball caps, miniatures, maps, menus, post cards, posters, purses, wallets, plates, salt and pepper shakers, tour guide pamphlets, concert or event ticket stubs, museum brochures and register receipts.

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