How To Perform The Heimlich Maneuver On An Adult.

When, why, and how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on a choking adult.

If, while eating, a companion shows the apparent signs of choking on food or another large object in the throat, the best method of immediate amateur removal is generally the Heimlich maneuver, by which one thrusts one's fists from behind into an individual's upper abdomen to forcefully dislodge the blockage. The procedure can be dangerous, and so should not be exercised unless one is absolutely sure that an individual's windpipe is fully blocked. Do not use this for the sort of throat irritation caused by a bit of spice or by liquid--it will do nothing, and has the potential to hurt or kill the subject if done improperly, and so should, I repeat, only be used under life-or-death circumstances. If performed properly, it can, however, save the life of a friend or loved one, and so should be common knowledge to anyone able to practice it.

Because it is so important that the Heimlich maneuver only be used on victims of life-threatening tracheal blockage, it is also important that the signs of this condition be well known. Victims of choking will not be able to cough, firstly, though they will be attempting to cough in order to clear the blockage, and this may exhibit itself in the form of a thrusting motion of the abdomen and chest. Instinctually, most people raise their hands to their throat when seriously choking, and those familiar with first aid practices will do so to inform you that they are in fact choking and need help. Only use the Heimlich maneuver if the victim can not BREATHE, COUGH, or SPEAK. Remember these three things and you should be able to differentiate between those who require the emergency maneuver and those who do not.

Register and attend a professional class to learn how to properly perform the heimlich maneuver.

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