Permanent Hair Remover Options: Comparison And Review

Learn about electroylis and laser hair removal. Compare the two popular procedures and determine which one is right for you.

Most women prefer to have a less-than-hairy appearance; this requires hair removal. Traditionally, most women have used razors to shave away unwanted hair, but shaving can result in cuts and irritation, and the hair grows back very quickly. Waxing provides a hairless look for a significantly longer period, but waxing is painful and the hair does eventually grow back. Depilatories are not painful, but they do not work very well for all women, and the hair does grow back. Tired of these unsatisfactory options, many women now want one permanent solution to end the problem once and for all. There are a couple of good options for women who want to remove hair permanently.

Laser hair removal has become very popular in recent years. As the name suggests, a laser is used to destroy hair follicles. If laser hair removal is preformed incorrectly, burning and discoloration that lasts for weeks can result. Before undergoing laser hair removal, people should make sure that the person who is performing the procedure is very qualified and has had a high success rate.

Although laser hair removal can permanently remove hair, this is not always the case. Often times, the hair grows back, although it is usually lighter and finer. Multiple treatments are almost always necessary. Once all the treatments are finished, some places will redo the laser hair removal for free is hair grows back within a specified time; this is a good guarantee to look for.

Laser hair removal is best suited for large areas, such as the back or legs. The procedure is somewhat painful, and it is rather expensive. Of course, if it is successful, then people are saved from years of painful and costly wax treatments and shaving mishaps. Even if hair does grow back, it is usually fine and light enough that people do not need to use other hair removal methods as often as they used to.

People who want a truly permanent permanent hair removal option should consider electrolysis. Electrolysis uses electricity to damage the hair follicles. Although several treatments are necessary, hair will not grow back after electrolysis. Electrolysis is not painful, either, although it does produce a slight tingling sensation.

Like laser hair removal, electrolysis is expensive. Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is best suited for small areas, such as the upper lip or the bikini area. It is possible to use electrolysis for larger areas, but it would be extremely time consuming and expensive.

At home electrolysis kits are available, and they are fairly easy to use. Doing electrolysis at home will save people a lot of money; people who want to remove their hair in privacy might also prefer the at home kits.

Permanent, or near permanent, hair removal is not easy. It is usually time consuming, expensive, and sometimes painful. However, it will save time, and perhaps money, in the long run. Electrolysis is the most effective method for small areas, but laser hair removal is really the only method that is practical for large areas.

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