Personal hygiene tips

Personal hygiene is important if one wants to succeed in society. We are judged on various levels, and hygiene and grooming are at the top. People like to deal with clean and pleasant smelling people. Bad personal hygiene can cause a person to lose many opportunities. Bad personal hygiene cancels out all other credentials that one may have. Some personal hygiene tips to aid success in professional and personal circles are:


Whether by shower or by bath, bathing twice a day is preferential. One wants to commence the day odor - free and wash off the day's accumulated bacteria in the evening. Bacteria and sweat on the body leads to offensive odor.

One should use an antibacterial soap because it cleans bacteria better than perfume soaps. Specialty soaps for specific body parts are available. There are foot as well as face soaps. Choose one in each category to address the specific needs of those areas. Some areas require a more aggressive bacterial attack.

Oral Hygiene

One should brush one's teeth several times a day. At least three times a day - when one wakes up, mid-day after lunch, and before bed. Brushing one's teeth regularly, keeps bacteria, plaque and tartar to a minimum. If these remain at a minimum, fresh breath will prevail.

After brushing, one should follow up with flossing. There are travel size floss picks for when one is away from home. Flossing removes particles from between teeth, that brushing can't access.

Rinsing should conclude your oral hygiene regimen. This finalizes any particle removal, while simultaneously killing odor-causing bacteria.

One should consult their dentist once a year, for a professional cleaning and cavity maintenance. Untreated cavities give harbor to odor causing food and drink residue.

If one follows this regimen and still has foul breath odor, they should consult their physician. There may be gastrointestinal problems that are causing bad breath.


Hair washing should be done anywhere from every day to once a week. But it should never be prolonged for longer than a week. Hair is a trap for everything that is airborne. It traps all odors including cigarette smoke and food.

After washing the hair, use a conditioner for your hair type. It replenishes moisture to your hair and prepares it for styling. If you omit conditioner, your hair may have a dry, or even brittle look.


It is important to wear a deodorant or antiperspirant/ deodorant combination. Antiperspirant minimizes the amount one sweats in the underarm area. Deodorant masks any odor incurred from underarm odor.

Foot powder placed on the soles of the feet help prevent foot odor. Some powders contain foot antiperspirants also.

Chlorophyll is a natural body deodorizer. One can incorporate a teaspoon mixed in water, once a day into their personal hygiene routine. This works as an internal cleanser, and reduces body odor as a result. Consult with your physician before introducing chlorophyll into your diet.


Males and females alike, should be concerned about their finger and toenails. Many men and women have this area manicured by a professional. But one can self-groom this area. Make sure the nails are always clipped low and even, and filed smoothly. Keeping them low reduces the opportunity for dirt to nest. Cleaning under the nails should be done with every hand washing opportunity.

Toenails should also be kept low, even and smooth. This is not only a hygiene tip, but a grooming one as well. Ladies may opt to apply a clear gloss, if color is not desired. The nails look healthy and attractive.


Some people forget about the ear area. You can't see your ears during the day, but other people can. This is especially true if your hair is short or pulled back from the face. Cleaning the ears periodically of wax ensures that no unsightly build up can embarrass you.

Women may want to consider specialized feminine cleansers, in bar and liquid form. There are also feminine powders and sprays for the target area.

Personal hygiene takes commitment. But it is a commitment that is well worth the investment.

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