Personal Interaction Tips: How To Look More Macho Or Masculine

Some men have trouble appearing macho or masculine. Some suggestions for looking manly include being assertive, making a good first impression, and being well-mannered.

Some men have a difficult time projecting a manly and masculine image because they are insecure about themselves.Try some of these tips for being a macho man:


Manners are masculine, believe it or not.Ladies love to see a gentleman - it makes a great impression.It is not too old-fashioned to open the car door, bring flowers for your date, pay for dinner, or abide by the "ladies first" law.In fact, if you think chivalry is dead, then women are likely to find you immature and unappealing, and those are definitely not macho or masculine qualities.Maturity is very attractive.If you treat a lady right, she will feel like you know how to take care of yourself and her, and she will feel more feminine, which in turns makes you look manlier.


First impressions are important.If you want to look masculine, then always meet new people with a firm handshake.Speak loudly and clearly, and make sure that you introduce yourself by stating your full name.You will project a masculine image by being bold, and not timid, when you meet people. To make yourself look macho, dress the part.When people first meet you, you want them to think you are macho looking, and clothes make the man.Wear a bold solid colored shirt, such as red or royal blue.If you have muscles, then a tight-fitting t-shirt is the way to go, paired with a pair of fitted and faded boot-cut jeans.If you don't have the muscles to pull off one of those t-shirts, go with a button-down collared shirt, with a pair of khaki pants without pleats.Wear cologne with a woody scent.Keep your hair neat and out of your face.If you have hair in your eyes, you will look shy, and that is not a trait of a macho man.


Body language can speak every bit as loudly as words, so be conscious of what your body is telling people.If you stand with your arms crossed in front of you, you look scared and unapproachable, unsure of yourself.If you have your arms down at your sides, you are open and confident - very masculine.Stand up straight, like a proud soldier, and keep your shoulders back.If you are slouching and your shoulders are folding inwards, you will look boyish and depressing.Maintain your eye contact when you are talking to someone.If you are constantly diverting your gaze, you will seem uncomfortable and awkward.Macho men don't cross their legs, either.Sit with your legs on the floor, grounded.


Confidence is the number one staple of a macho or masculine man.Never put yourself down or talk about your weaknesses when you are trying to look macho.Be bold and sure of yourself.However, do not cross the line from confidence into arrogance.You should never put other people down because when you do that, you just seem jealous and insecure.You have to be optimistic and positive about yourself - your talents, your appearance, and your masculinity.Don't be afraid to approach women, for example.Just go for it.Be sure of yourself, and others will believe in you and want to get to know you.


Macho men aren't afraid to speak their mind.If you have something to add to a conversation, don't hesitate to interject a point.If you want to get a promotion, then perform well and be assertive enough to approach your boss about your ambitions.If you want to ask a woman out, don't let your fear of rejection stop you from picking up the telephone.You have to be the creator of your own destiny.Masculine men know how important it is to take the bull by the horns.

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