What Is A Personal Safety Alarm And How Is It Used?

An explanation of personal safety alarms and their uses.

There are two major kinds of personal safety alarms.One is a danger signal alarm, and the other is a medical alert signal alarm.

The danger signal alarm is a small electronic gadget that a person would carry with them, in a purse or on their body.It can be activated by either pressing a button or pulling a pin out of the unit.When activated, it emits an ear piercing, high-pitched alarm.The alarms are easily concealable and made to fit in the palm of your hand or on a keychain.

Personal safety alarms are ideal for joggers or anyone who walks at night.They make great gifts for anyone who lives in a bad neighborhood or has to use a large parking lot or garage at work.These alarms are also great for frequent travelers.

Personal safety alarms can be easily adapted to other uses. With the addition of a door clip, there are models that you can use as an entry alarm to your home or hotel room.The Protect-It Alarm for example, works as an electronic motion detection alarm.It is designed to alert a person if a door, window, or personal property is jarred or moved. It can be attached to almost any item. This alarm is lightweight and very small as well.It is suggested that users hold them in their hand when walking alone, no matter how short the distance.They will prevent a person from being attacked, raped, carjacked, robbed or worse.

One of the newest personal safety alarms on the market will prevent a driver from falling asleep at the wheel of the car.They have an attachment that allows a person to hook it to their ear while driving.The motion will indicate that they have fallen asleep, based on the movements of their head.If it detects that a person may have fallen asleep, it will make a sound that will wake them up without startling them.A self-contained unit called the Nap Zapper works in the same way.It can be purchased for approximately ten dollars.

The elderly, the sick and the disabled use medical personal alarms.They come in the form of a pendant worn around the neck, a bracelet worn on the wrist.Instead of it making a loud alarm when activated, a monitoring service will be contacted in the same way as a home alarm system.

If the wearer were to feel ill, or have an accident such as a fall, they can activate the monitored alarm by pushing a button.The monitoring service will then try to contact the wearer to see if they need help.If they cannot reach them, or are told that there is an emergency, they will contact the 911 center.The monitoring service will also notify people on your call list and your medical records will be made available to the care providers.

For people who may not be able to activate the signal in case of an emergency, there are additions to the service where the patient will be contacted on regular intervals.If there is no answer then the proper contact person, such as a relative, caregiver, or medical personnel will be alerted.

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