Personal Safety Tips For Women

Personal safety tips for women, that can also be applied to men and children. What safety procedures to follow when getting in or out of your car/home/office.

It is an incredibly sad fact that most violent crime is perpetrated against women and children by men. Therefore this article is aimed at those groups, but many of these ideas can be used to keep anyone safe.

Safety in and around the home

The first line of defense you have against burglars and people trying to attack you in your home, is high fencing, preferably electric. If they can't get in easily, or can be seen trying to gain access to your property, then they can't hurt you or your family. If people need to call you to open the gate, then rather have an intercom, instead of having to go outside the house to let people in without knowing who is out there. Ensure that your windows have bars, and your doors have security gates that are kept locked. People get complacent and forget to lock these all too often, so make it part of your everyday routine to lock the doors and place the keys in hard to reach cupboards. It may sound obvious but at night ensure all your windows and doors are securely locked, and that your burglar alarm is set.

If at any time you see people loitering on the streets near your house, call the police and report it, they may be looking at your neighbor's house to get an idea of their routine, but of course, they may also be looking at yours.

At night good lighting is essential to your safety in the home. Make sure the area round the house is well lit, so that if you look out of a lighted room through the window, you can still see what is happening in your immediate area. Lots of light will also aid in scaring off potential housebreakers, as they are too visible to be guaranteed enough time in the house, should they be spotted. Motion sensor lights as well as general floodlights, or lights on a timer are all a good idea. This is especially true if you get home after dark. Leave an internal light or two on, as well as enough outside light to see your surroundings clearly. In these crime-infested times, it is vital to be linked to a good, armed response company. Know all your passwords, duress passwords and codes and teach them to your children incase they need them. Make sure your children know how the panic buttons operate, as well as what to do in case of a break in. Speaking of panic buttons, it is always a good idea to have them at each door as well as in strategic places such as the bedroom and lounge or passage. If you are outside in the garden a lot, then also get a portable panic button that you can carry or wear while away from the house.

Ensure you have a phone in the bedroom or one that you can carry to the bedroom at night. If you have an answering machine try to be as vague as possible about who lives there. If you are a woman on your own or with children then get a male friend to do a short invitation to leave a message. Messages such as "˜Hi this is Laurie, I'm at class right now, but I'll call you back as soon as I get in at nine tonight, thank you', aren't actually voice mail messages, they are invitations to be a victim.

Safety in the car

The most important thing here is not to park in isolated or dark places. Do not stop at strange out of the way ATM's to draw cash, and then have to walk to and from your car on your own. If it is dark or after hours then get someone to walk you to your car, a security guard or a friend that looks intimidating. Always approach your car with your door key in your hand and look around you constantly. Keep your hands free of cell phones, purses etc, carry them in an over the shoulder bag which leaves your hands free. As you approach your car look around and under it to ensure there is no one there, and before you unlock check the backseat to make sure no one is crouching down. As soon as you are in your car, lock your doors, and turn your car on, getting ready to move off. Do not dawdle in your parking space, as you won't be concentrating on your surroundings. Open your window about two centimeters, as it is always harder to break a window if it is slightly open, instead of it being rigidly closed. Once you are on the road, should you come to a red traffic light then slow down dramatically as you approach, if you time it correctly you shouldn't have to stop at all as the light will change before you get to it. However should you find yourself stopped at a light then always ensure you have enough space to maneuver around the cars in front of you and get away should anyone approach your car. Depending on the law in your state you might even be able to go through a red light after stopping to check there are no oncoming cars late at night.

Try and have your car serviced regularly and make sure it is in general good running order. If you do happen to break down, then get out of your car, open the hood, and hide in nearby bushes. A strange person is more likely to stop and "˜help' you, than he is to be lurking in the shrubbery, hoping for a lucky break. Keep a blanket and a torch in your car for just this emergency, and carry a cell phone, always! Are you capable of changing a tyre quickly? If not then have a few practice runs at home, so that you can fix it yourself should it go flat. Local community centers often run beginner mechanical courses, and it is a good idea to attend one of these so that you can fix it if something small goes wrong on your car.

Safety in general

If you are leaving your office late, then arrange to move your car as close to the exit as possible when all the other employees leave to go home. Have security walk you to your car: it is not a sign of weakness, it is sensible. If you can, attend a few self-defense classes: you will get fit, and may be able to use what you learn to defend yourself at some stage. Walk tall, and look confident at all times... if you look like a victim, you may become one.

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