Personalized Address Stamps

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

  • Overview

    Personalized Address Stamps
    Personalized address stamps are very handy to own and use. You can obtain them in a wide variety of styles, colors and prices. You can create your own distinctive design or select from several available predetermined layouts. Personalized address stamps are convenient, functional and affordable. Several websites specialize in making them.
  • Significance

    Personalized address stamps are important to anyone who has to address letters or packages by hand. This is not a big deal, unless you have to do it repeatedly. It is a hassle and inconvenience that these stamps can eliminate quickly and easily. Personalized address stamps furthermore add that personal touch to any correspondence.
  • Function

    Personalized address stamps are used to mark a return address on pieces of mail or other items.. Individuals and businesses most often use these stamps on packages and letters The stamp will include and a name and address that can be stamped on with various colors of ink.

  • Types

    You can obtain personalized address stamps of numerous types. Several include inkpads of different colors together with the stamp. There are a number of self-inking stamps, which do not require any messy inkpads. You can get stamps with logos, pictures or other graphics included. The stamps are produced in a number of sizes and designs, for either personal or business use.
  • Identification

    Personalized address stamps typically include a personal or company name, a house number and a street name along, with the city, state and zip code. They can also include other information besides names and addresses. They can be anywhere from three to 12 lines in length. The sizes vary from under 1 inch to more than 3 inches. The available colors include black, blue, red, purple and green.
  • Considerations

    The intended purpose of a personalized address stamp determines which one you will purchase. Before ordering, decide on the information you want to include, or any attendant artwork. Some companies allow you to design your own stamp on their website, using a wizard-type tool; or you can pick from several available layouts.
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