Personalized Silicone Bracelets

By Amy Rozanski-harlach

  • Overview

    They began with the yellow Livestrong style and have now expanded to every color and represented many other causes. The trendy brightly colored silicone bracelets you see on people everywhere are a hot trend with a message behind them. Aside from the companies and organizations that sell their bracelets for their specific message, you can find many companies now that will create customized silicone bracelets. This allows you to wear your own personal message, or you can use them for raising awareness and money for a special cause.

    This is a great company from which you can order your customized silicone bracelets. The best part about them is that you can order as few as one bracelet. A lot of companies make you order a minimum amount and if you're only looking for enough bracelets for you and a couple friends or family, you don't want to pay for a bag of 50 count bracelets. You can purchase various colors in one order, with different sizes and phrases on them, and they count as additional bracelets to one order, not an entirely different design and price. Reminderband guarantees the highest quality bracelets and the fastest shipping you can find for customized silicone bracelets. They will have your bracelets made and shipped to you in as little as six days. This is quite quick considering a special mold needs to be made for each bracelet. Prices vary, and the more you order, the better price you're getting per bracelet. For an order of one to four bracelets you pay $4.50 each; five to nine bracelets costs $3.50 each. You can view exact pricing on their website, which is very easy to navigate. They have a quick pricing spot on their page where you can enter your phrase and quantity and receive an instant price quote. The only caveat is that the shipping costs are slightly high, considering the light weight of the bracelets.
  • offers high quality customized silicone bracelets in every color you can imagine. You can choose different fonts and styles of bracelets (such as marble colored). Their minimum order is 100 bracelets, at $1 each. With larger orders the price goes down; for instance, 5,000 bracelets cost 19 cents apiece. Theawristocrat advertises that they don't have any hidden fees or shipping Their bracelets come in a variety of sizes. The largest measures 216mm by 12mm by 2mm. Their bracelets ship in two to three weeks, but it's worth the wait for free shipping, and the large quantities can take some time. They also have a great customer service department that is willing to answer any of your questions (the hone number is listed on their website). Also if you're happy with your order, Awristocrat sells customized T-shirts, dogtags, slap bracelets and much more.


    Another great site that requires a minimum purchase of 10 bracelets, it takes just five simple steps to create your customized silicone bracelets using the website. A few different styles are available, you can have the text printed directly on the bracelet or you can have them debossed. Solid, tie-dyed, striped and swirled colors are available. A great optional feature they offer is that each bracelet comes in its own plastic bag, with a card that details what the bracelet says and stands for. Sizes are "adult" and "youth." This website also sells a few bracelets advocating specific causes such as breast cancer awareness and troop support.

    24hourwristbands is a factory direct supplier and offers a huge variety of different silicone bracelets customized to your liking. In addition to their large stock of already printed bracelets, ordering a customized variety requires no minimum quantities and as the name states, the orders are completed within 24 hours. They include your standard debossed one solid color style, a color-coat style with one solid color on the outside and a different color on the inside, ink injected bracelets where the debossed text is filled in with a different color, embossed bracelets and simple printed bracelets with no embossing or debossing. You can have your bracelet turned into a keychain for an additional price, have them bagged in their own individual packaging and pay 15 cents extra per bracelet to have bracelets made in the United States (Otherwise they're made in China). Also for an extra 15 cents per bracelet you can have your bracelets made of 100 percent recycled silicone.
  • has been in existence for seven years and was the first company to provide customized silicone bracelets with no minimum amount to purchase. All their products are produced in the United States. They guarantee their products are made with 100 percent durable silicone, and you can wear them for years without them breaking. They offer all of the usual choices in custom bracelets (debossed, swirled colors, embossed, printed) and they have a knowledgeable staff that are willing to help you with any aspects of your order. They have a large and impressive testimonial section and they're confident in claiming that their customized silicone bracelets are the best quality you'll find.
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