How to Find a Person's Criminal Record for Free

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    Hiring a company to do a criminal background check about a prospective client or employee can be an expensive process. A criminal background check allows you to know whether an individual you want to associate with or hire has been charged or convicted of any crimes. Criminal information about people that is available for free can include traffic tickets, misdemeanors and felonies. Once you have obtained an individual's criminal record, you can then decide whether you want to associate with or hire the person.
    • Step 1

      Gather information of the individual about whom you want to conduct a free criminal background check. You will likely need his name, birthdate and previous addresses.
    • Step 2

      Go to to determine in which counties his previous addresses are located. For example, if an individual's address is located in Columbus, Ohio, find that his local county of residence was Franklin County.

    • Step 3

      Visit the clerk of court's website for the county in which the person lived. For example, you would visit the website of the Franklin County Clerk of Courts office. To find the exact web address of the county clerk of court, you may have to type "Franklin County Ohio Clerk of Courts" in a search engine.
    • Step 4

      Click on "Case Information Online" or a similar link that takes you to the county clerk of court's online criminal record database. Type in the individual's first and last name, and click "Search." A list of individuals with that first and last name combination will appear with birthdates.
    • Step 5

      Scan the list of criminal case defendants and look for an individual with the birthdate that you were provided by the individual you're researching. Click on any links to those cases, and read the information about the cases. You will be able to find information about the dates of the case, the charges against the person, whether the cases were for misdemeanor or felony crimes, and whether the case is still pending. Write this information down, or print it out for your records. Go through each of the person's previous addresses and look for similar information to obtain his full criminal record for free.
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    • Ingredients:
    • Person's name
    • Person's birthdate
    • Person's previous addresses

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