Pet Health Care: Avoiding Heat Stroke

Simple steps to help avoid heat strokes in pets and ensure your animal stays safe in hot weather.

We care for our pets as a part of the family. And just like everyone else in the family, your pet can be overwhelmed by hot weather. Since your dog or cat can't tell you what he needs, or do much to control his environment, it's up to you, the pet owner, to keep him cool and happy.

Never leave your pet alone in the car during hot weather. This is not a safe place for an animal, even during moderately warm weather. Conditions inside a hot car can get dangerous for your pet in a matter of minutes. Don't take the risk; leave Fluffy or Buddy at home.

At home, make sure your pet has plenty of fresh water. Check the water dish more than once a day if possible. If your pet says outside, make sure the water bowl is in a shady area to keep the water cool. Also, provide outdoor pets with a shady area to retreat from the sun. Under some tress, inside a doghouse or beneath a porch all make good sun protection spots for your pet.

If your dog or cat starts to show signs of suffering from over-heating, be sure to cool them off with some water and contact your veterinarian. Signs of such problems are excessive panting, sluggishness, or being generally unresponsive when you call his name or try to get his attention.

Take special care to care for your special family member during hot weather. A little extra effort on your part will go a long way toward keeping your pet well and content during the dog days of summer.

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