Photo Album Ideas & Decoration

Photo album ideas & decoration instructions that you can follow easily for that great gift.

You can make your own photo albums for your family, friends and for anyone that collects pictures by following these easy directions. Watch their faces light up when you give them a homemade photo album with your picture enclosed.

Here are the items that you will need:

Elmer's White Glue

Cardboard from boxes

Yards of Lace

Material-preferably with small prints such as tiny flowers or polka dots

a bag of fiberfill for pillows

3 holed sheets for holding pictures with pockets for pictures

sharp scissors

pieces of colored ribbon to match the material

Loads of pictures to fill the album!

You can make these for 5X7 pictures, 4X6 pictures, 8x10, and larger.

Let's go with an 8x10 album. Cut 2 pieces of cardboard 8 inches wide and 10 inches long. Cut your material 9x11 inches for the back of the book. This allows for you to fold over the material on the sides and glue the edges. Cut a piece of material 8x10 for the inside back cover. Then take the back cover and drizzle the glue lightly over the cardboard. Spread the glue evenly all over and attach the material, making sure there are no creases or folds in the material.

Turn the glued back of the photo album over to the side that shows the cardboard still and drizzle glue there. Spread out the glue and attach the 8x10 piece of fabric. It should lay on top of the folded over material from the other side you just finished.

Set aside and allow to dry.

For the cover, cut a piece of cardboard 8x10 and in the middle draw an oval, this is what you will be cutting out. Take your scissors and gently make a hole in the middle of the oval. After you have made a hole, cut the whole oval out of the cardboard. You should wind up with an even oval. Make sure it looks even, or your book will be off center when it is completed. If not, cut another piece and try again till you get it perfect.

Next, cut three pieces of material, two 8 inches wide and 10 inches and one 9x11 inches. Lay the 8x10 piece of the material over the cardboard that has the oval and with a scissor, gently cut a small hole in the middle of the oval by making a small "x". When finished making the "x", pull the material through the hole gently so that the oval is covered when looking at the cover of the book. The material is overlapped through to the other side of the cover. Let dry.

Then take some fiberfill and gently lift the material that isn't glued and stuff some fiberfill under it, around the cover. Glue the fiberfill to the cover. Next, take the second piece of 8x10 material and cover the back of the inside cover of the album. Now take the last piece of material, which is the 9x11 piece, and the lace and lay the lace between the material of the front and back. Tuck and glue the edges of both the front and back covers by tucking them under each other and glue the lace along with the tucked edges. The album should have a cover piece of material, one underneath the top piece and one on the inside of the book. Let dry fully and add a picture inside the oval on the cover. Now take a punch hole maker and punch 3 holes in the material at the edge of the book on the left hand side for ribbon, and add the pages, tying the ribbon to the book by making bows. This will hold the pages in. The holes should be placed evenly along the side, one at top, one in the middle and one at the bottom.

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