What Photography & Pastry Skills Are Needed in High School?

By Ann Johnson

  • Overview

    What Photography & Pastry Skills Are Needed in High School?
    High school students need a variety of skills to excel. They need social skills to get along with the other students. They need the skills of a good listener, to enable them to follow instructions and learn new things. Pastry skills can also help a high school student improve their math skills and photography can enable them to participate in extra curricular activities.
  • Photography

    Photography skills involve the ability to take photographs either digitally or with film. Some film photographers are able to develop their images in a darkroom, and other use commercial processing to produce the finished photographs. With digital photography, the photographer must be able to remove the digital images from the camera and download the digital images to a computer or printer for reproduction or use.
  • Pastry

    Pastry skills involve the ability to bake pastry items such as cakes, cookies, éclairs, cupcakes and pies. Those people with advanced pastry skills will be able to follow a recipe and prepare a pastry item from scratch, measuring and combining such ingredients as flour, eggs and butter, and baking powder. Those with limited pastry skills can use prepared mixes to make pastry items. Those mixes typically include the dry ingredients and the baker must add wet ingredients and bake, according to the directions on the package.

  • Photographer

    A high school student is not required to be a skilled photographer to graduate, yet possessing photographic skills can be a significant advantage. A student who can take clear digital images and transfer those images to a computer will have more opportunities to participate on the school newspaper or year book. The ability to edit those digital images in an editing software program allows the student to easily add images to school reports and papers and to participate on online school programs where digital images are in demand.
  • Chef

    A high school student does not need to know how to cook to graduate, yet having culinary or pastry skills will enable the student to participate in fundraising projects, such as bake sales, for clubs and sports organizations. Those with pastry skills can later pursue a culinary career. Pastry skills will also improve a student's math skills. Measuring ingredients involves fractions and math calculations.
  • History

    Before digital cameras, high school students involved with photography typically learned darkroom skills for developing and processing film and prints. While darkroom skills are still taught, many high school students only use digital photography, as it is convenient and less expensive than traditional photography. Prior to the woman's movement in the 1960s and 1970s, cooking was considered a female activity. Students providing pastries for fundraisers were usually females, and boys typically did not enroll for home economics or cooking courses.
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