Physical Activities For Kids: A One Week Activity Plan For Kids

Kids can watch DVDs, play video games and still get a workout. This one week activity schedule will get kids excited about being active.

Make exercise fun all week with this fun seven day workout schedule for kids and families.


To get your activity week started, help your child sign up online for daily activity log on the PALA (Presidential Active Lifestyle Award) web site. Encourage them to update it every evening. The more they update the log, the more prizes they can win. If you don't have a computer or internet access you can start your own log that you hang on the fridge. Establish a point system and hand out prizes based on the point system. Prizes can be stickers, certificates, new sports equipment, or a day off from chores.


When the kids get home from school, don't let them go straight to the TV and get settled in. Motivate them to stay in motion and off of the couch by giving them a pedometer. Pedometers are small devices that count the number of steps a person has taken. Pedometers are the most fun when a sibling or parent is also using one because that turns stepping, walking and running into a game to see who can get the most steps in each day.


Start a to-school "train." These days kids just don't walk to school like they used to and sometimes with good reason. It isn't safe to send your kids off on a long walk all by themselves. Instead of keeping kids safe by carpooling, try starting a walking-to-school-train-pooling. Participating parents can rotate being the designated "conductor", the person who ensures safe pick-ups and drop-offs of all the kids on the train route and walks all the neighborhood kids to and from school every day. For the kids in your train group that have pedometers, this is also a great way for them to start racking up more points.


The kids have done a great job so far this week in staying active, but by now they are aching for a little more TV time. Instead of turning on cartoons, pop in a fitness oriented DVD or video made just for kids. These movies encourage watchers to get up and hop, dance and wiggle along to kid-friendly energizing music; they are much more entertaining than adult work out movies that are all about buns of steel.


You're it! Take an old game like tag and turn it into something new and fun. Freeze tag is a game where, when the tagger touches another player, that player has to freeze in whatever position they were in when they got tagged. Make this game even ore interesting by adding a twist to it. Instead of having the kids who get tagged "freeze," have them do repetitious exercises until another player comes over to "unfreeze" them. For example, the first time you get frozen, you have to stop and do jumping jacks until you are "unfrozen" by another player, the second time you get tagged you have to do walking lunges until you are "unfrozen, " and so on.


Everyone is off of school and work so Saturday is an excellent day for quality family time. Get the whole family out of the house together and over to a park. Bring lots of sports equipment and pack a healthy picnic and have a family competitive sports day at the park. Kids and adults get into groups and play each other in tennis, basket ball, softball, or soccer. After everyone has played hard for a couple of hours, stop for a picnic and then if your family isn't too exhausted, go back and play some more.


Every child loves to play video games and there is no better time to allow kids to play them than on a weekend when no homework is due. But don't let them play a game that forces them to sit down for hours in order to play. Dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Cyber Groove (a computer game) use a floor mat to help children follow along with the dance moves and are popular games that kids love to play and parents love to let their kids play.

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