How to Pick Office Chairs

By Michaela Davila

  • Overview

    When choosing furniture for your office, you should take extra care when selecting your office chairs. Office chairs add to the overall look and feel of your office. Office chairs will also add to the overall function of your office. The proper chairs should help improve productivity because of their comfort and ease of movement. Additionally choosing an appropriately sized chair is important as well. By asking yourself some simple questions, you should be able to choose the most appropriate chairs for your office.
    • Step 1

      Decide on the quality of chair you want for your office. Chairs come in a variety of different types of qualities, ranging from vinyl to leather and even mesh. If you run a professional office, you will want your office chairs to be up to par with the rest of your decor so consider leather chairs. Because people coming in and out of your office will be sitting in the chairs, they will certainly make an impression. If you work from home or an office that does not have visitors, any chair of your liking will do.
    • Step 2

      Choose a style of chair appropriate for your office. If you plan to be moving around a great deal, you will probably want to choose a chair with wheels. If you are considering chairs for visitors, mainly stationary chairs should be fine. If you will be turning from side to side, getting files and books you may want to opt for a chair without arms. On the other hand, if you will be leaning back and reading proposals, you may be more comfortable in a chair with arms.

    • Step 3

      Visit an office store and check out the selection of chairs available in the quality and style that you are looking for. Make sure that you sit down on any office chair that you are interested to make sure that it is comfortable. If you are planning to be seated for an extended amount of time, the comfort of your chair will be of great importance to you.
    • Step 4

      Make certain that the chosen chair fits with your desk if you will be sitting at one. If the chair is too tall or too wide, it will make for an uncomfortable workspace. Most office stores will allow you to return a chair within the first thirty days, so feel free to take it home. Mmake share it fits well with your other furniture. You could also measure your desk height before heading to the store and then measure the chair height to make sure it is the proper size.
    • Step 5

      Check out the variety of colors of the office chairs. Decide which color will blend best with your office. If you have a very professional office, you will probably want to stick with black-colored office chairs. If you have a more casual office or home office, choose a bold red or green chair...or one in your favorite color. You will want the chair color to coordinate with your overall office decor.
    • Step 6

      Consider your price range when shopping for an office chair. If you are planning to purchase multiple chairs, it can be come quite an expense. If you are on a budget, consider checking out stores such as Wal-mart or Ikea for their selection of chairs. Regardless of your budget, try not to sacrifice comfort and ease of movement in your chair selection so you do not hinder productivity.
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    • Tip: Consider purchasing a plastic mat to compliment your wheeled office chair and allow for smoother movement along the floor.

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