Is Pilates An Aerobic Exercise?

Is Pilates an aerobic exercise? Pilates is not classified as an aerobic exercise, but it includes aerobic exercises like ballet jumps on a reformer to raise the heart rate. There is aerobic exercise in Pilates,...

There is aerobic exercise in Pilates, but it is not classified as aerobics. It has its own classification. One exercise that I put some of my clients on is what we call the jump board. Jumping gets your heart rate way up. You put the jump board down where the bar would be so that you are laying on the reformer and your feet are on this board. We actually do jumps like if you were doing ballet. With the reformer, you suddenly have spring tension and can jump, but your feet get a chance to slow down the jumps. That's why it makes it so much better for a ballerina to practice jumps in slow motion. At the same time you'll get your heart rate up and start to sweat. Almost all my clients sweat during the 55 minutes while trimming down the legs.

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