Pine Cone Craft: Scented Pine Cones

Pine cone craft: scented pine cones are wonderful but can be expensive. Here are simple directions for making your own at home.

Scented pine cones are becoming increasingly popular, and with that popularity they are also becoming more expensive to purchase commercially. But never fear! If you have access to pine cones you can scent them yourself.

Scented pine cones have a number of uses. You can sell them at craft or holiday shows, give them as gifts in a decorated mesh bag, or simply enjoy them yourself. As you gather pine cones it is good to pick them while they are closed (this is in cooler weather), but I have had success using the fully opened cones from off the ground too. To scent 2 pounds of cones you will need 3 ounces of cinnamon oil, 1/2 pound cinnamon chips, 1/2 pound of whole 3" cinnamon sticks, and one large heavy duty plastic garbage bag.

Using cinnamon oil (available at most craft or floral shops and department stores), brush each cone. Put cinnamon chips, sticks, and pine cones in the garbage bag. If you have leftover oil (this will depend on how heavily you brushed it on cones) sprinkle some on top of bag mixture. Seal bag tightly and leave mixture in bag for 8 weeks. Shake and toss the bag once a week to blend the mixture.

Using the same method for scenting, here is another mixture recipe to put in the plastic bag. For one pound of pine cones you'll need:

4 oz. dried orange peels

3 oz. chunks of orrisroot

2 oz. 3" cinnamon sticks

1 oz. eucalyptus

Oil mix: 1 oz. cinnamon oil, 1 oz. allspice oil, 1 oz. orange oil, 1/2 oz. clove oil, 1/2 oz. nutmeg oil.

Brush pine cones with the oil mix, then place in bag with other ingredients. Tie tightly and let sit for one month, shaking and mixing once a week.

Once you have your pine cones scented the next step is finding a way to display or package them. If your intent is to sell the pine cones you'll want to make them look as festive as possible. Purchase some netting fabric and colorful ribbon to match.

Cut a large square of the fabric, place a number of pine cones in the center and gather fabric up around the cones. To secure it, tie gathered end with a ribbon and make a bow.

If you plan to give the pine cones as gifts, adding extra touches makes it extra special. You can attach cinnamon sticks and small berry floral picks to the bow.

If you want to display your pine cones in your home, put them a glass jar with an airtight lid. Again, you can decorate this jar with ribbon or dried flowers. When you want to enjoy the scent of your pine cones, simply remove the lid. To keep the scent longer, be sure to reseal the jar when not in use.

If you live near or have access to large pine cones (5" tall or more) you can scent them and decorate them individually. I have found that the favorite scent for these, also, is apple cinnamon. Make the bottom of the cone level for setting. Take slices of dried apples and glue them between the cone petals. Scent the dried apple slices and the cone with scattered drops of cinnamon oil. You can further decorate this "pine cone tree" as desired. It looks especially nice with small, dried flowers and tiny ribbon bows glued on.

Scented pine cones are not only easy to make, they are also a fun way to experiment with different scents.

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