Pink flowers for wedding bouquets and corsages

Use these valuable ideas and suggestions for choosing the most beautiful pink flowers for your bridal bouquet and wedding corsages.

There are numerous pink flowers that can be used to create unique bridal bouquets and corsages. Although pink is a very popular theme color, your bridal bouquet and corsages can be one-of-a-kind masterpieces if you choose the right flowers and foliage. Instead of going with the usual flowers suggested by your local florist or garden center, try these interesting combinations to create a wedding bouquet and corsages that will be more lovely than you could ever imagine.

A dramatically beautiful pink flower that is often overlooked is the spider flower. Also known as Cleome hasslerana, the spider flower is very striking and boasts a beautiful fragrant pink hue unlike any other. The shape of the blooms are very eye-catching as well. This flower gets its name because of the unique spider-like blooms it possesses.

A bouquet of spider flowers or a simple corsage looks lovely when surrounded by fresh or artificial baby's breath. White or pink forget-me-nots would also nicely offset the spider flower. Small white or light pink asters would also make a pretty bouquet or corsage.

Pink aster is a wonderful choice for the predominant flower in a bouquet or corsage. They have delicate petals that resemble fringe, and they would look very nice surrounded by fresh or artificial baby's breath. A combination of pink and white asters would look strikingly beautiful, as would a trio of pink, white, and deep purple asters.

Another flower that would make a lovely pink bouquet or corsage is known as godetia.. Found growing wild in the western part of the United States, at a distance this flower looks very similar to the ever-popular petunia. Upon closer inspection, godetia actually has 4 separate petals. Some varieties of this unique flower have ruffled edges, and some have double as well as single blooms. The blooms are shiny and quite eye-catching.

Godetia looks even more beautiful when surrounded by lacy green ferns. Other greenery that would enhance this striking bouquet is ivy. Variegated ivy would look lovely trailing down from a bouquet of pink godetia.

Old-fashioned pink roses would make a classic bouquet. Their timeless beauty and unmistakable fragrance will make your bouquet and corsages very memorable. Add some antique white roses to the mix and your bridal bouquet and corsages will look even more extravagant.

Surround pink roses of your choice with white baby's breath and ivy to create a bouquet reminiscent of yesteryear. Pink roses can be nicely offset by small white daisies or small white asters.

Cosmos is often seen in the summer garden, but they make beautiful pink bridal bouquets and corsages. They are simply breathtaking when light pink, deep pink, and white varieties are grouped together.

Cosmos has foliage that is rather fine, so it's best to surround the flowers with small ferns or the foliage of lily-of-the-valley. Deep green ivy would also look lovely with this particular flower.

Dianthus is also a summertime favorite that makes lovely bridal bouquets and corsages. They are available in many shades of pink as well as beautiful bi-colors. They possess a light and airy fragrance, and their leaves are long and slender.

Sweet William is one variety of dianthus that makes a splendid bouquet or corsage. Sweet William has very small round blooms that have an old-fashioned appearance.

The ever-popular carnation is also a member of the dianthus family. Smaller varieties make beautiful bouquets, and they are available in many shades of pink.

Take these suggestions and ideas to your local florist, or save money by creating your own corsages and bridal bouquets. Keep in mind that you don't have to be a professional to create beautiful flower arrangements.

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